1 Million Stolen Cards Leaked – Governments, Banks Affected

A new underground credit card marketplace, All World Cards, took the cybersecurity and the cybercriminal worlds by storm on August 2, 2021 when it released the details of one million stolen credit cards on the dark web – for free. Through this leak, All World Cards proved and promoted their “solution,” i.e. compromised credit card information, to potential “customers,” i.e. the web’s rogue elements. It was a successful marketing campaign. Today, All Word Cards boasts close to three million credit card records.

The stolen credit card data includes credit card details such as name on card, card number, expiry date, and CVV number, as well as owner information such as snail mail address, email address, and cell or landline number. To offer you an improved understanding of the risks involved in such breaches, we took a closer look into the data pertaining to the one million stolen cards.

Stolen Data in Numbers

An incredible 122 governmental email addresses – those that end with “gov” plus a country domain extension where applicable. We found that these emails were associated with some fifteen countries around the world.

All World Cards claim that approximately 27% of the leaked cards are still active, based on a random sampling of 98 cards. A closer look may suggest a higher, close to 50% figure. Nearly every card is issued by Visa or Mastercard, with a strong 24% of them Gold, Business or Titanium.

When it comes to banks, cards from over a whopping 500 banks were leaked. State Bank of India is the most affected with close to 73,000 cards’ information stolen. Next comes Banco Santander of Brazil with over 38,000 cards. The next eight are:

Why the leak?

Like any business, legitimate or not, All World Cards is after popularity and profits. Active since May 2021, the group began to vigorously advertise their services towards the end of the same month. They promoted them on the dark web, in hacking groups and platforms.

Releasing one million credit card records seems to be another, a more brazen promotion to attract customers. Despite the fact that card data is from 2018 – 2019 and some 74% are not active, the move proves the group’s extensive access to card data around the world. Today, cards in the All World Cards marketplace are priced between $0.30 to $14.40, with an average of around $6. As aforementioned, the group owns some three million records.

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