Adapting HUMINT Methodology for Cyber Investigations

December 22, 2019

As the intelligence world continues to shift towards using cyber tools and social media for their investigation, there is a growing need to adapt traditional HUMINT methodologies for cyber investigations.

Deriving from intelligence collected or provided by human sources, HUMINT can be categorized by both clandestine and overt intelligence collection from sources providing reliable and accurate information.

But as intelligence gathering moves online, analysts at intelligence companies need to be able to adapt traditional methodology such as face to face interviews where an operator can build a relationship (be it based on fear or friendship) and gather otherwise lost insights from a suspect such as body language which he or she might want to hide.

Nevertheless, the shift to the virtual world has allowed intelligence agencies to gather data from various HUMINT sources online using tools to gather intelligence from all levels of the internet as well as deep and dark web.

Using Cobwebs solutions, analysts at the intelligence company can work anonymously and with full confidence to continue with their mission due to a global proxy infrastructure. With Lynx, analysts can join darknet forums, hacker communities and other platforms without their cover being blown.

With a single solution provided by Cobwebs and by using the proxies provided by Lynx, investigators can work in complete virtual isolation and collect and capture all necessary content from across all layers of the internet without disclosing or jeopardizing resources.

The ability to mask themselves provides the key to securely browse platforms otherwise locked to the intelligence community and then extract data such as IP addresses and other key identifiers.

The smart analysis tools then integrate all the data mined from various sources and conducts an automated and predictive analysis on the suspect, connecting all the dots to recognize patterns and revealing hidden links to generate even further insights.

And similar to traditional methods where intelligence operatives gained the trust of their suspect, by being able to impersonate specific individuals, analysts can engage with suspects online to gain their trust and uncover crucial intelligence.

Analysts can also then manage and maintain all the information collected using Lynx and with the knowledge that the Humint Control System provides secure protection of the HUMINT gathered from the suspect sources.

With smart technology such as Cobwebs’ advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced automation services, Lynx works in real time and allows for increased productivity for the intelligence company.

The solution provided by Cobwebs with advanced virtual intelligence capabilities coupled with traditional HUMINT methods open a world of opportunities to gather all necessary information in a fraction of time and funds than ever before.


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