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Cobwebs Technologies delivers decades of experience in the global intelligence market. Our team of experts is comprised of leading military and intelligence minds, with a niche expertise in the web intelligence sphere from our years of active involvement in industry-related projects. Field and practical experience, combined with a proven track record of successfully integrating into collaborative projects, have collectively led us to identify inadequacies in intelligence solutions. We specifically noticed that today’s intelligence solutions often present challenges coping with current technological and operational obstacles with efficiency.

Cobwebs’ leading and innovative systems service the national security, law enforcement and private sectors, identifying web relations, criminal activities and cyber terrorist threats with just one click. We work with clients from all corners of the world with diverse needs and goals, assisting them with investigations and analysis of targeted data. Our range of products offer everything from a supportive starting point for targeted web data search, to extraction of vital intelligent insights, and all the way to providing alerts of relevant events in real time. With our multifaceted approach to completing investigations, our technologies employ passive and active systems to cope with today’s complex hurdles and evolving challenges.

Our solutions were developed by leading intelligence and security experts to collect and analyze the web’s layers of endless open, deep & dark web data. Discovering the most critical insights and hidden leads from never-ending and indecipherable online data is now simple, seamless and smooth, with Cobweb’s robust artificial intelligence algorithms.

Regulatory And Compliance

Innovative Technology – Powering Investigations

In our world of infinite online information, endless growth of crime, and 24/7 investigations to prevent terror, corruption, and cyber attacks, Cobwebs Technologies emerged as the leading web intelligence solution developer. Our intelligence masterminds and expert R&D teams created powerful cyber intelligence software to support smooth, seamless, and smarter operations and investigations in national security agencies and private sectors – ultimately making the world a safer place.

Cobwebs Technologies is revolutionizing cyber intelligence with AI-driven solutions. Our award-winning technologies are tailored to solve complex real-world challenges and to produce valuable insights from oceans of big data. We work in an agile environment to develop cutting-edge platforms. Our solutions are integrated into advanced cloud infrastructure. We work with big-data technologies and power it all with various AI machine learning algorithms.

Perfect Customer Experience

Delivering unparalleled expertise in operational training and intelligence, Cobwebs’ team provides insightful and comprehensive training, powered by knowledge and vast experience.

Our training programs are designed to ensure every session educates users about the specific features and functions of our solutions, addressing each organization’s unique operational needs. With one on one and group training, Cobwebs equips users with the right know-how and support to ensure achieving operation goals with our web intelligence solution is simple and smooth.

Cobwebs Technologies Supports Our Customers

We create tailormade training programs to ensure your distinct requirements and goals can be achieved with our AI-driven web intelligence solution from day one.

Our team provides end to end support, with customized planning and guided implementation of the automated workflows, preferences and settings ideal for your organization’s needs.

Our team of experts’ knowledge and dedication blended with our AI-driven technology’s speed, agility and precision allows organizations to optimize investigational efficiency instantly.


global infosec awards winner cyber defense magazine 2022
2022 cyber tech 100, www.CyberTech100.com
SR 2021, The most advanced investigation analytics platform
acyber security breakthrouh awards 2021, threat intelligence platform of the year
global awards
frost sulivan, 2020 best practices awards, global ai-powered wen intelligence technology innovation leadership
astors american security today 2020, platinum award winner, homeland security awards
reg tech 100 2021
astors american security today 2020, platinum award winner, homeland security awards
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