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5 benefits of Web Intelligence (WEBINT) tools and their applications

September 15, 2020

To fully appreciate dark web intelligence and WEBINT solutions we must first understand their advantages and the innovation that comes with them. While artificial intelligence is still slowly finding its way into everyday consumer life, it has filled a crucial role in online investigation and data collection. Thanks to advancements in AI, we are now able to collect, process, and accurately analyze large chunks of data from all over the internet. Many forget that the surface internet is at least 400 times smaller than the dark web. Now consider collecting data manually from both of those ecosystems. It would be literally impossible without the help of WEBINT tools and solutions.

  1. Fast and reliable data harvesting

When it comes to data harvesting, WEBINT can be considered as the factory of mass web data. Advanced crawling mechanics allow these tools to identify keywords on both the surface web and the dark web. Based on the keywords it can collect as much data as needed for a successful investigation to take place. Any trace of data that contains the keyword input will be analyzed and processed in the shortest possible time while also being reported to the end-user in real-time.

  1. Fully automated monitoring

WEBINT is fast when it comes to data harvesting but it is also completely autonomous. Once the parameters are set and all instructions are in place, the monitoring process becomes completely automatic. Once human attention is needed, WEBINT will notify the end-user and ask for their presence. This helps security agencies spend more time on important tasks while AI completely takes care of monitoring.

  1. All data is processed

There is a common misconception that only textual and audio data can be processed by AI. The technology is now so advanced that even video data can be identified and examined. Searching and identifying possible threat actors is easier than ever because all communications are covered by the AI. It can recognize many different data formats and create reports faster than any human.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring

Once a threat actor is identified, it is necessary to track their next move and communication channels. The dark web offers many communication channels and losing sight of a threat actor is to be expected. WEBINT is capable of tracking down even the most sophisticated threat actors as long as it can access their communication channels. This real-time monitoring allows for timely alerts that inform security agencies and law enforcement about possible threats that need to be looked into. Rather than solving crimes that took place in the past, AI can help prevent them before they even happen.

  1. Productivity Boost

Last but not least, productivity plays a big part in online investigations. WEBINT tools and solutions offer easy content mapping and analysis. Text-to-speech tools give instant context to conversations that are taking place on forums or message boards while image and video processing indicates clues that need to be looked into by human personnel. Mobile app and social media tracking is backed up with auto-translation so threat actors can be identified in many different languages.

WEBINT solutions are slowly changing the way online investigations are conducted. Big data slowly became a problem for manual investigations and without the help of AI many of them would take years and even decades. Fast, reliable, and easy data processing allows for timely responses from security agencies and law enforcement. Many crimes can now be prevented by knowing what threat actors are planning and when they plan to execute their ideas. Safety and security should be our top priorities as a society and artificial intelligence is definitely helping improve those two crucial areas in our lives.


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