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Applying Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to Cybersecurity

March 29, 2021

The aim of collecting data from OSINT is to create a full picture by putting together the small pieces of information you find, as well as knowing when to turn to a new source of information in order to create a rounded out image, and confirming the hypotheses you made as you find the information.

OSINT is used to analyze, monitor, and track cyber threats which may pose a risk to your business; one of its most useful features is that it does not require any actual contact with potential threat actors, and enables gathering information from a distance.

When researching a threat, it is important not to compromise your own security. Using the methodology of operational security, or OPSEC, can help prevent you from leaving a trail or revealing that you’re on to someone. The OPSEC methods you use depend on how you find information. Using some form of OPSEC when doing OSINT research is crucial.

Organizational Counterintelligence: The Role of OSINT

A hacker’s first priority when preparing to strike is to collect as much preliminary data as possible, whether the data is on an organization as a whole, specific employees, or other useful intelligence. Once this first step has been taken, the hacker then analyzes and processes the data to find any vulnerability which may exist. To counteract this threat, counterintelligence steps must be taken.

The term counterintelligence refers to the practice of identifying and counteracting any potential attacks which threaten an organization.

OSINT can be used to identify potential dangers and cyber attackers or to discover if information pertaining to your organization that has been publicly divulged, that may put your company at risk of cyber attacks. Once you have been made aware of publically-available data that may compromise your organization’s security, you can remove it from a public forum. Additionally, you can use the information you gather through OSINT research to observe potential threats and prevent cyber attacks before they occur.

The OSINT Framework: What Is It?

The OSINT framework refers to a framework intended for use in cybersecurity. It is made up of an assortment of tools designed to be used in OSINT data collection. It is important to note that both pen-testers and hackers have equal access to this framework.

The framework allows users to browse through a variety of OSINT tools which are sorted into categories. The web-based interface mainly focuses on creating a list of freely available resources, but it is difficult to navigate such a vast array of complex tools. Effective AI-powered tools such as Cobwebs Technologies’ WEBINT platform solves this problem by sifting through and analyzing vast volumes of data and providing insights from only relevant data pertaining to your investigations.

In Conclusion

While OSINT can be difficult to manage due to the sheer amount of information that must be sifted through, there are tools and technologies available that simplify the process. Cobwebs Technologies’ AI-powered tools assist OSINT users in locating and tracking hackers or other cybercriminals and finding critical data in a fraction of the time.



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