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Asset protection using automated threat intelligence

January 10, 2019

Unique companies and brands warrant a distinct reputational risk strategy that considers all operational, organizational and regulatory parameters – from brand and team management and policy, to data. Identification of threats and protection of assets with proactive defense measures is simplified, efficient and offers leveraged and potent security.

With innovative threat intelligence solutions’ ongoing advancements, we can only expect continued development of unique technologies – from advanced artificial intelligence, to machine learning algorithms and capacities, to image recognition. Game-changing tech advancements in the threat intelligence sphere like these digitalize and automate processes that would otherwise be manual and drawling. Transitioning into full automation of processes powers precision of results, expedited turnaround of data analysis and delivery of intelligent insights, all extracted from vast online data that’s frequently inaccessible to investigators.

Majority of today’s threat intelligence solutions still maintain a sizable dependency on the user’s active and hands-on analysis of data. With this reliance on manual processes demanding manpower and resources to analyze the vast amounts of data, precious time is lost, productivity suffers, the cost-value model is tarnished with low ROI.

Gartner’s Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products, published on August 21, 2018  indicates that 15% of large enterprises will use commercial Threat Intelligence (TI) services to streamline and adhere to security strategies by 2020 , an increase of less than 1% from today’s numbers.

Automated TI technology’s search reveals anonymous target details, intricately zoning in on your brand and business performance, solutions analyze objectives, groups and locations. Gain simplified detection of data breaches via monitoring of darknet marketplaces for stolen data. Plus, monitoring your situational awareness on the open, deep and dark web is optimized with automation, as TI supplements human limitations and error with AI-powered data collection using robust technology in real-time. Some sophisticated solutions even predict attempted deceit of customers with fraudulent domain imitation or registration, along with users’ intentions, and more. TI technologies employing NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms empowers investigators with insight on content sentiments and context in a multitude of languages.

Saving funds, time, resources and other precious assets by adopting technology allows businesses to bypass recruitment of 24/7 tech analysts to track evolving situations and entities. Automated TI (Threat Intelligence) solutions equip investigators with the ability to focus on critical aspects of investigations that demand attention, while generating automated alerts that can offer crucial evidence.

When precious digital assets are at stake and challenges become increasingly challenging and deter professionals from protecting their brand, AI comes to the rescue. When incorporated with Threat Intelligence, AI leverages investigations with a unique advantage that surpasses competing solutions with just one click.



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