Cobwebs Technologies sponsored the Exceptional use of Internet Intelligence & Investigations award.

April 22, 2019

Cobwebs Technologies debut into the UK law enforcement sector was an Incredible success!!

Cobwebs Technologies were honored to sponsor the “Exceptional use of Internet Intelligence & Investigations” award at the closing evening of the International Digital Investigation & Intelligence Awards at ICDDF, and present the award to the NCA Dark Intelligence unit alongside with Cobwebs prize.

With positive responses and huge interest from an array of officers across all police forces, it’s clear that UK LEA’s and other government security agencies are very much aligned with the realization of the growing importance of open source web intelligence and are gearing up to streamline this into the main digital data domain.

According to Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC), OSINT is becoming a necessity and the market is growing. OSINT tools, Webint and Social Media Monitoring Automation allows analysts to cope with various sources and provide near real-time analyses.

An increasing amount of personal data, corporate content, and government databases are now open and accessible to intelligence organizations around the world, leading to a rise in OSINT investments and, by extension, OSINT, WEBINT or SOCMINT budgets.

The benefits of Web Intelligence

Using automated Web Intelligence systems can easily convert the open, deep and dark web data, into a powerful crime and terror combat machine, providing real-time insights and alerts, based on text and location.

The field in which Europe is really lacking power is Intelligence, according to the article “Intelligence Is The Weapon Europe Really Needs” (HSRC). Therefore, this is one of the areas it must invest most in, in order to deal with the problem before it becomes unmanageable. These are the main issues Europe will need to address in the coming years, and which should trigger higher investment in Intelligence:

  1. Monitoring the borders and roads
  2. Dealing with privacy issues
  3. Sharing data and intel with more countries

Why Use Automated Web Investigation Tools: The Benefits Are Unlimited

A source indicates, “Any law enforcement officer will tell you the most valuable weapon in fighting crime is information. By receiving new information from data, recognizing and identifying suspicious activities and behavior, and enabling law enforcement to get a head start on criminals, police officers can take a preventative approach to the crime using data analytics. State-of-the-art analytics tools help law enforcement agencies identify criminals even before they commit a crime. More and more law enforcement officers are turning to big data crime analysis tools, and it has proven to be a tremendous help in crime prevention and proactive investigations.”

Automated web investigation tools are now proving to save time and resources, along with expediting investigational processes, and driving smarter and well-informed decisions in real time. What was once a strictly hands-on, paper to pen, and a tedious investigational process is now simplified, digitalized and automated, leveraging situational awareness, so investigators can dedicate time to matters only they can address.

Cobwebs Technologies platform enables law enforcers, analysts, policy makers and decision makers the power to effectively manage uncertainty and new challenges. Extracting targeted data and providing timely warning of threats, our solution supports operational activities and complex investigations.
With our platform’s intelligent collection and assessment of data, identify connections of distinct crimes that occur in different locations, and reveal the invisible.


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