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Cyber Forensic Tools

November 14, 2019

Using the right cyber forensic tools is the best way to meet the challenge of any cyber investigation, especially when you want to be as fast and productive as possible.

With the seemingly never-ending collection of intelligence, forensic investigations need digital forensics tools as well as artificial intelligence assistance to navigate within complex levels of data across all layers of the internet.

Cobwebs’ artificial intelligence-driven search engines are capable of sifting through an infinite amount of critical data in real-time, optimizing cybercrime investigations by extracting precise and targeted intelligence in real-time.

The artificial intelligence tools and digital forensic tools used in Cobwebs’ platforms can identify targeted information, and with deep image analysis can transform a single lead into a comprehensive, in-depth computer forensic investigation.

A cybercrime investigation can be launched with any small piece of cyber forensic information of a suspect- a name, location, IP address or image and in dozens of languages. With Cobwebs tools, a vast amount of intelligence from across open sources to the deep and dark web can be gathered, analyzed and mapped within seconds.

Web sources hold an unparalleled amount of hidden information that can be extracted by forensic software and computer forensic tools for cyber-crime investigations. Threat actors and illicit network operators leave a digital footprint that can be identified by analyzing the technical details of electronic activity, behavior and cyber information such as IP addresses, time-stamps, device indicators, and more.

The digital forensic tools can, with the click of a button, retrieve and analyze the data collected from various sources and provide unmatched intelligence by identifying malicious actors, locations, group structure, and others. The cyber forensics tools can also generate relevant alerts when intelligence is detected, as well as generate customizable automated reports which can be extracted when needed.

With these tools, one can anonymously and automatically monitor and manage content from across all layers of the internet. The capabilities of automation, AI tools, and machine learning technologies also allow one to harness and leverage the vast volumes of data and intelligence to visualize the connections, strengths, and relations between suspect individuals, enabling to identify and mitigate future threats in real-time, authorities can remain one step ahead.



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