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Dark Web Investigations

January 29, 2020

Law enforcement agencies face various threats which continue to increase with the increasing use and accessibility of the deep and dark web. The ability to mitigate the risk by criminal elements and terrorists by extracting crucial data by criminal investigations, especially dark web investigations, is paramount.

Studies show that nearly one third of American adults have a criminal record, and while not every crime might pose a risk to public order, criminals and terrorists with easy access to the vast data sources available on the various levels of the web can plan and execute attacks against innocent civilians.

Extracting the crucial dark web intelligence can be tedious, and with criminals or terrorists trying to hide their past criminal history, finding threat actors’ digital footprints which would connect the dots as well as uncover new leads is time consuming.

Publicly available intelligence, such as those available through database searches which aggregates information and have a quick turnaround rate, can be cost effective for some organizations. But open source searches may not provide all necessary data which a crime investigation on the dark web can produce.

Dark web investigation technology developed by Cobwebs with methodologies that meet requirements of law enforcement agencies across the globe allow cases to be solved in minimum amounts of time with limited resources.

Cobwebs’ artificial intelligence-driven search engines are capable of shifting through infinite amount of critical data across all layers of the internet including open source and the dark web at an unmatched pace.

Using the advanced engines, officials are able to search for individuals or keywords and with one click, are able to uncloak the identities of the threat actors, target metadata can be extracted along with location history, web content history, social connections and more.

With minimal leads, Cobwebs’ automated AI web intelligence and machine learning tools can unveil the real identities of virtual personalities by face detection screening, detecting individual faces and attributes in images across the different layers of the web as well as generate real-time alerts for faces that appear to be a match.

The AI search engines are able to scour the dark webs for dark web intelligence, allowing for law enforcement officials to delve deeper into an individual who they might have suspicions about. The capabilities of automation and AI tools such as digital forensics can also allow for alerts to be provided and extracted as well as allow for dark web monitoring of malicious activities by the threat actors or their social connections.

These tools can not only provide more accurate reports while reducing bias and error, it optimizes dark web investigations and provides precise data a fraction of the time than regular investigations.

Criminal investigations may have been hindered by the relative anonymity dark webs provide to users, but with Cobwebs’ technology coupled with dark web intelligence and dark web monitoring allows, law enforcement organizations are able to get the complete picture of all threats posed to the public.



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