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Dark Web Monitoring in 2021 – Choosing the Right Tools for Digital Forensics

January 25, 2021

Under the surface web (accessible by everybody) and the deep web (accessible with a password or code) is the dark web, which accounts for 90% of all web content. This layer of the internet is a great source for digital forensics since criminal elements, hackers, terrorists, members of crime organizations, and other threat actors exchange information, buy and sell stolen data, illicit goods, and hacker tools, plan terrorist attacks, and pay or get paid in cryptocurrency.

Law enforcement agencies need to access the dark web to follow the digital footprints of criminals and get insight into their networks, transactions, and co-conspirators. But dark web scanning to collect and process big data is time-consuming and complicated for analyzing these huge amounts of data from dark web marketplaces, forums, blogs, online message boards, and social media. Therefore, Investigators and analysts need OSINT tools for dark web scanning to identify and find links between criminals and various profiles. The results of the analyzed OSINT data sources must be presented in graphs and maps for actionable insights. In other words, a best-of-breed dark web scanning service is needed.

Dark web monitoring tools help investigators and analysts to identify threat actors, follow the cryptocurrency money trail, map connections between threat actors, their affiliates, and group members to solve and prevent crimes such as cyber threats. Dark web monitoring tools are also useful for detecting and preventing insider threats. Such internet monitoring software can scan for direct mentions of a specific organization (e.g., a bank or a research lab) or specific assets (e.g., research papers, confidential memos, or drafts of patents) that could indicate either being targeted or a potential breach.

The best dark web monitoring services use smart algorithms, especially Natural Language Processing (NLP), since a lot of dark web forums and message boards are in various languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. A dark web scanning service helps to overcome language barriers when collecting and analyzing intelligence. Law enforcement and security agencies need the best dark web monitoring services available in the market in addition to digital forensics and other tools normally used to investigate and prevent crimes such as cyber threats. Internet monitoring software provides law enforcement officials with a proactive, innovative method to help track, identify, and put an end to egregious dark web activities.

The AI-enabled WEBINT solution of Cobwebs enables investigators to probe the dark web by collecting, analyzing, and monitoring data within a tactical timeframe. This state-of-the-art web intelligence platform contains dark web monitoring tools and internet monitoring software designed to expedite web investigation processes. The robust web engine uses sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze collected data and provide deep insights in real-time. The dark web monitoring services also allow investigators to launch a cybercrime investigation with any small piece of digital forensics information, such as a suspect’s name, location, IP address, or image. With Cobwebs Technologies, law enforcement and governmental organizations will be able to probe and monitor the dark web to collect and analyze relevant big data providing streamlined, automated insights for immediate action.



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