Digital Risk Protection

November 29, 2020

Almost every organization has invested significant amounts towards protecting their brands online from attackers, but some might not have invested enough resources to protect themselves on social media platforms on various layers of the internet.

And those can be clear targets for attackers to compromise the reputation of an organization’s brand.

With the world becoming more digital and organizations increasingly using non-traditional channels like social media to promote their brand, it has never been easier for threat actors to compromise accounts and steal critical data.

While in-house computers and devices may be protected from hackers and other malicious actors trying to access critical financial and private data, Digital Risk Protection solutions ensure that all devices and all accounts owned by all company employees are protected.

With some of the posts on social media platforms seemingly benign to the human eye, many of the most impactful attacks can go unnoticed and be left to aggravate for an extended period of time. Digital Risk Protection can level the playing field against threat actors by identifying them and stopping them in their tracks, therefore reducing any lasting damage.

Digital Risk Protection has evolved out of the broader world of threat intelligence and combines intelligence, monitoring, detection, and mitigation of attacks across all layers of the internet, including the surface web, social media, dark web, and deep web.

Since it is almost impossible for IT professionals to be constantly monitoring for new threats by criminals or organized groups who constantly change their methods, Cobweb’s Digital Risk Protection solution does the work automatically, allowing for organizations to remain dynamic and mitigate threats.

The powerful AI-based solution provides organizations with real-time security for the organization’s brand by identifying and analyzing potential threats as well as providing contextual intelligence on threat actors and managing the impact of any possible attack on critical digital assets.

The solution can also conduct anonymous checks on individuals in sensitive roles within the company and local partners, proactively defending against internal threats.

With capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP), the Digital Risk Protection provided by Cobwebs can perform sentiment analysis to map out the threat actors’ sentiments and intentions towards the company, operations and even key executives and take preventative measures accordingly.

The solution streamlines operations, taking all data feeds into one single AI-powered engine, making it easy for users to visualize the raw indicators turned into actionable intelligence.  It also locks down compromised accounts and removes the malicious content from the platform, a critical yet time-consuming part of Digital Risk Protection.

It has never been easier for threat actors to compromise brands by impersonating and stealing key components of a company. As such, the risk of brand abuse is at an all-time high for companies.

But by using Digital Risk Protection solution provided by Cobwebs Technologies, the brand of the organization will be preserved from any and all threats.


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