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Five Reasons Corporate Security Teams Need Access to Open-Source Intelligence

September 1, 2022

Corporate Security in a Post-Covid-19 World

Today’s world is a digital world. One of the main lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic is that all aspects of life – from ordering food delivery, to holding live music events – can be done virtually online. This “New Normal” of virtual interactions has not only brought big changes to the way we live, but also affected what businesses needed to thrive – new online customer experiences, updated resource management, revised human resources policies, and better cybersecurity.

While COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our ‘real’ lives, something similar happened to our online lives –the increasing online exposure of organizations and individuals resulted with a record number of cyber-attacks and other digital threats. Such incidents had implications not just on digital and physical security, but on people’s privacy and organizational business continuity.

Corporate Security Teams Face Increasing Digital and Physical Risks

While vaccines curbed the spread of the virus, digital threats have continued to snowball. These risks included reputational risks, data breaches, impersonation, doxing, phishing, organizational email compromise, ransomware and other cyber threats. These threats can also come from malicious insiders. Physical risks include real world incidents, harassment, travel and event attendance risks, and even terrorism. These threats to people, assets and locations are growing in frequency, severity and are costing corporations millions of dollars annually.

Any of these threats can stem from the outside – from deliberate actions taken by professionals or hackers – to third-party exploitations of vulnerabilities in the supply chain and even geopolitical events. These threats – whether made to the company’s brand, its people or physical assets – can be quickly detected and mitigated using open-source intelligence (OSINT).

Five Reasons Corporate Security Teams Need Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

1.  Open-source intelligence gives corporate security teams the ability to continuously search for relevant risk information on tens of thousands of different sources on the surface, deep, and dark webs. An open-source intelligence platform can also monitor forums, marketplaces, anonymized discussions and paste sites, to identify threats before they impact business continuity.

2.  Open-source intelligence platforms provide relevant information in one interface that can be used by every corporate security team member in the organization, regardless of how tech-savvy they are. Instead of searching multiple platforms across all levels of the web, open-source intelligence platforms provides users with intelligence in an easily digestible format so that security teams can act quickly, remediating a threat to the brand and business before damage is done.

3.  Open-source intelligence platforms allow cross-department collaboration, making mitigation and response more seamless within the organization. A good OSINT solution provides collaboration features as well as permissions settings to ensure the right access at the right level within the organization as well. This streamlines communication between team members during critical incidents so that no piece of intelligence is lost or ignored.

4.  Open-source intelligence can be easily integrated with the corporation’s existing third-party risk management tools and solutions, saving manual work and duplication of efforts. It can also illuminate gaps and provide enhanced information regarding risks to ensure the right response by team members.

5. Finally, open-source intelligence can help corporate security teams sort and analyze all risks by an order of criticality and alert the key people in real-time when there’s an imminent risk. This gives corporates a chance to react before there’s a financial toll on their business or physical harm to people or assets.

Automated AI-Powered Open Source Intelligence for Corporate Security Teams

Cobwebs Technologies Risk Protection Platform provides corporate security teams with another layer of security against digital and physical threats. Protection to your brand is paramount and adding an open-source intelligence platform into your daily operations will increase your operational efficiency. It will save you time, expose hidden risks and provide you with actionable intelligence to respond rapidly. Your people, your assets and your surrounding communities deserve the best level of protection. Add open-source intelligence into your security posture to ensure their safety.

Allison Mayer

Allison brings 17 years as a crime and intelligence analyst in law enforcement. After graduating from Northeastern University, Allison joined the Cambridge Police Department as their crime analyst for nearly three years before returning to her home state of New Jersey where she joined the NJ Transit Police Department. While with NJTPD, Allison helped to create the Crime Analysis Unit as the Senior Crime Analyst, introduced CompStat to the Command Staff, and won a civilian commendation award for her role in solving a violent robbery series. While with NJTPD, she went back to school to obtain her master’s degree in Human Resources, Training, and Development from Seton Hall University. In 2005, Allison joined the East Orange Police Department as the crime and intelligence analyst for 12 years, aided in the creation of the Real-Time Crime Center, and played a vital role in the Department’s 75% crime reduction.



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