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Providing Threat Intelligence to The Right People On Time

August 30, 2020

With a growing number of malicious cyber activity, threat intelligence software is a critical tool for organizations to reduce online risk to clients.

Threat intelligence is not just about signing up to a newsletter that would provide the most up-to-date information about the latest risks, but rather having the capability to identify any and all risks to clients and other assets and provide the proper solution to defend against them.

With even the best team of IT professionals working around the clock, with the millions of data points and indicators being collected and processed every day, it’s too much for human analysts to effectively identify threats and process them in time.

As such, organizations can be hit with a wave of attacks such as undetected malware, ransomware, and data breaches before they are detected.

And that might be too late. Because for threat intelligence to be actionable, it needs to be in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Harnessing advanced AI tools and machine learning technologies, the automated and dynamic solutions provided by Cobwebs are simple and efficient, capable of identifying threats in real-time and staying on top of emerging threats to organizations.

Using advanced threat intelligence software provided by Cobwebs, organizations are to isolate unusual patterns and provide context about who is behind the attack, why they are carrying out the attack, and even how they are carrying out the attack.

With capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP), the threat intelligence software is also able to understand the meaning behind posts and perform sentiment analysis to map out the feelings of threat actors towards topics.

By incorporating data feeds to mine valuable data into one single AI-powered engine, organizations are able to streamline, identify threats as well as prevent and mitigate attacks.

The powerful web intelligence solutions provided by Cobwebs can automatically monitor, collect, and analyze the mountain of never-ending data from all layers of the internet as well as social networks.

With the seamless integration of new data sources, the web intelligence platform is also used to provide threat intelligence with real-time content monitoring to determine what might be the most relevant topics that should be monitored in order to identify an attack, whether it be keywords, locations, hashtags, or individuals.

Threat intelligence software provided by Cobwebs can take the volumes of unstructured data and connect the dots to able to identify target profiles and groups and can transform a single lead into a comprehensive in-depth and clear report of the threat.

The threat intelligence software can also provide a high level of communication for ideal cooperation between all team members and departments using the tools and provide them with ideal situational awareness in real-time because the faster threats are identified, the faster they can be handled.

Threat intelligence software with capabilities that use advanced algorithms to identify and mitigate threats allows organizations to remain one step ahead of threat actors who keep adapting.

With threat intelligence solutions providing organizations the proper tools and context to identify and mitigate future threats in real-time, they are able to reduce risk and remain one step ahead of threat actors.



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