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Using Automated Web Investigation Software for Crime Scene Investigation

July 6, 2020

As digital intelligence increases in importance, law enforcement agencies at every level are incorporating automated web investigation software in order to effectively and quickly solve criminal investigations.

Government agencies began researching ways to increase the efficiency of their work since the mid 20th century and new advances in technology like artificial intelligence and forensic algorithms have provided law enforcement agencies with the ability to close cases quicker than ever before and with less human bias and error.

Law enforcement agencies, which primarily rely on fingerprint and DNA evidence as well as photos from the crime scene and witness statements for evidence, also rely on a large databank of biometric data and algorithms for facial recognition algorithms to help with forensic investigations. The use of various smart algorithms can also point law enforcement officers towards a potential suspect.

Digital intelligence at the crime scene for more in-depth forensic investigations is becoming increasingly essential for law enforcement agencies in order to solve their criminal investigations, sometimes even more than physical evidence.

While smartphones are used in criminal investigations, the list of devices used by criminals to mask malicious activity continues to grow. But malicious actors continuously try to erase any connection to the crime scene and finding a threat actor’s digital footprints that would connect the dots as well as uncover new leads is time-consuming.

In addition, the sheer volume of digital evidence collected by investigators has outgrown the tools used to collect and analyze it, making the use of big data for crime scene evidence collection and management more and more crucial.

Software developed by Cobwebs with methodologies that meet requirements of law enforcement agencies across the globe allows for authorities to take all the evidence gathered during forensic investigations of the crime scene and solve criminal investigations in minimum amounts of time with limited resources.

The automated software also removes the need for a large number of highly trained staff needed to navigate through the vast amounts of data to find the clues and leads that are required to solve cases.

Once complex and time-consuming investigations are now simple and automated.

With minimal leads, Cobwebs’ automated AI web intelligence and machine learning tools can leverage all the forensic and physical evidence gathered at the crime scene and can shift through all of it with one click to uncloak the identity of a threat actor.

The solution provided by Cobwebs, which provides an intuitive interface, delivers powerful, automated data extraction, allowing law enforcement agencies to uncover events of interest and other possible threat actors.

The advanced AI engines can also extract the location history of the individual, their web content history, social connections as well as to detect individual faces and attributes in images across the different layers of the internet to generate real-time alerts for faces that appear to be a match.

The solution provided by Cobwebs with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities coupled with traditional criminal investigation methods opens a world of opportunities for law enforcement agencies to gather all necessary information in a fraction of time and at a fraction of the resources than ever before.



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