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Using Web Intelligence for Criminal Investigations

January 5, 2020

Modern criminals around the world use the internet to plan and prepare their illegal activity, routinely having more than one account on various social media sites in order to keep their true activity hidden from law enforcement agencies.

While social media contains open-source intelligence which can provide invaluable insights into the views and activities of suspects, with the information spread out across a large number of platforms the collection and analysis of the right data is time-consuming and authorities are unlikely to prevent crimes from occurring.

By using advanced investigation tools and easy-to-use artificial intelligence web intelligence platforms like Cobwebs Technologies’ Tangles, which can scour all levels of the internet and the various social media platforms, authorities are able to obtain precise and unrivaled web intelligence in the open and dark web in a fraction of the time it used to take.

While some of the posts on social media platforms might seem benign to the human eye, online investigation tools and media intelligence platforms like Tangles can provide valuable intelligence in identifying suspects and concrete threats.

The automated web intelligence capabilities allow authorities to locate suspects with limited public information as well as locate other individuals in the suspect’s online network. Online investigation tools can also carry out deep target profiling, extract the real identities of virtual personalities, and map group connections tied to the suspect.

Using the latest media intelligence platforms with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Cobwebs Technologies’ Tangles platform can also search for information about possible crimes before they happen by monitoring for keywords in different languages, locations, or events and generating alerts to notify authorities of potential threats.

With capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Tangles is also able to understand the meaning behind a suspect’s posts and perform sentiment analysis to map out the suspects feelings towards topics.

Advanced web intelligence tools can also detect social changes in a suspect’s life.

With seamless integration of new data sources, the web intelligence platform is also used to provide threat intelligence with real-time content monitoring able to scan images, videos and texts which provide unmatched situational awareness.

While some criminals might hide from law enforcement intelligence behind the dark web’s technological veil of anonymity, the automated AI web intelligence and machine learning platform can also carry out face detection screening, detecting individual faces and attributes in images across the different layers of the web as well as generate alerts for faces that appear to be a match.

Online investigation tools with capabilities which use advanced algorithms to identify and mitigate threats allow authorities to remain one step ahead of criminals who keep adapting in order to circumvent law enforcement agencies.

With one click, authorities using the online investigation tools can easily expand a single lead into a complete and efficient end-to-end investigation.



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