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What Is a Sentiment Analysis System?

September 26, 2021

Sentiment analysis, better known as opinion mining or emotion AI, is one of the latest tools used by data analysts to gather information and show what people think. The information gathered offers insight into the sentiments users put across through text and can potentially provide early warning for attackers who pose a threat to your organization. However, gathering this information can prove to be a challenge. Shifting through hundreds of messages and opinions online would take far too long and prove to be too tedious for humans to accomplish, so most data analysts prefer to rely on AI systems.

What Is a Sentiment Analysis System?

These AI systems combine machine learning techniques with natural language processing to conduct NLP sentiment analysis by analyzing text from message boards and assigning the sentences or phrases sentiment scores based on the content within them. In short, it allows data analysts to get a better idea of the possible dangers posed to their organization from people or bodies operating online.

Sentiment analysis online identifies potential cyber threats that put your organization at risk. By analyzing the sentiment in each mention of your organization, many AIs can identify if the message indicates a potential threat or reveals plans of a possible attack that will take place against your organization.

This method is becoming the widespread way of gathering information among data analysts and AI data analysis systems have grown in popularity. The software market is flooded with various systems created for sentiment analysis, and with such a range of systems available on the market, it’s difficult to know which works best.

What the Experts Have to Say

Industry experts have embraced using AI to accomplish tasks that were once performed manually. Although there is no consensus amongst the many experts in the industry, there are certain capabilities that are considered a “must”. An NLP sentiment analysis system should ideally have multi-lingual support and powerful machine learning models.

More Than Just NLP Sentiment Analysis

There are many different types of sentiment analysis tools, each with different capabilities and limitations. Most only specialize in NLP sentiment analysis, forcing companies to use more tools for different needs. Cobwebs creates software with a more diverse variety of benefits that include sentiment analysis online, among many others.

Cobwebs’ technology includes sentiment analysis software that allows you to identify and prevent potential risks to your organization by giving you insight into the sentiment of each piece of data it analyzes. Additionally, Cobwebs’ web intelligence solutions combine these capabilities with machine learning and continuous data gathering capabilities, ensuring that the system continues to evolve, and grows more effective as it is used.



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