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Case Study:

Crime Investigation in Big Data

Social media’s popularity amongst criminals has skyrocketed and continues to grow, generating mass amounts of written content by the second. Text content offers valuable intelligence, particularly when considering hidden messages delivered through code words individuals use to communicate. The challenge at hand is finding the needle in the haystack of vast web-based text content that could be the smoking gun, aimed and ready to fire again.
Over the years, law enforcement agencies have gathered lots of valuable data that may be difficult to use effectively. Agencies have large databases that include keywords with drug street names, code words and other valuable terminology or jargon. When imported into Cobwebs’ solutions, our system automatically identifies and analyzes relevant text with advanced natural language processing tools.


An agency imported their data into our system, and the solution automatically detected content of interest. Our platform sent the agency analysts alerts about relevant keywords, filtering out irrelevant data. Keywords detected were specific drug street names that agents were investigating as part of a drug trafficking case.

Once analyzing the profiles from which vital keywords were detected, vast additional insights were gained. Remaining text from profiles was analyzed, and as entities were detected agents acquired a better understanding of target(s). Locations were identified, along with quantities discussed.

Using Cobwebs’ text analysis tools, agency analysts understood the types of drugs dealt, their quantities, and locations of exchanges.
Cobwebs’ solutions incorporate sophisticated natural language processing to fully analyze text and identify relevant keywords, patterns and trends. Once identified in image and videos using artificial intelligence tools, the text is then analyzed to offer classification, categorization, and even sentiment of word usage is understood.


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