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Case Study:

Dark Web Identities Leaked

Prosecutors and government agencies realize that the dark web is a haven for criminal activity like terror funding, proliferation, arms smuggling and money laundering. Highly encrypted, the dark web is an attractive venue for individuals or organized groups seeking untraceable communication methods. And as these communication methods continue to evolve, new intelligence techniques must also be developed.
A renowned hacker active on the dark web leaked a large database containing the personal details of over 15,000 police officers from a European country. The database carried sensitive information like full names, email addresses, user IDs, passwords, and national ID numbers. It was then posted for sale on a popular dark web forum where similar situations occur frequently, and database information is often advertised with threats and a high price tag.


While essentially an anonymous platform, the dark web is not immune to innovative and creative methods that gather intelligence to find essential elements and insights of investigations.

Cobwebs brings years of experience collaborating with intelligence agencies to monitor the dark web, and always stays one step ahead of online threats. Our solutions offer monitoring and alerting tools, along with powerful search tools that sift through the dark web’s un-indexed content. Analysts can stay on top of criminal activity, despite criminals’ misconception that their actions and identities are untraceable. Powered with advanced artificial intelligence, our solution recognizes patterns in data and social groups automatically.

Cobwebs strives to generate new features and product updates to meet the challenges of current and critical web sources, along with the threats they present.


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