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Detect Human Trafficking on the Dark Web Using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Unveiling Human Trafficking Activity on the Dark Web in Time To Prevent Its Occurrence

As criminals become increasingly tech savvy their activities often take place online, so it’s absolutely crucial for agencies to keep up to speed with all data sources in efforts to track down criminals and detect their activity. This does, however, present challenges, as many criminals hide out on the dark web, with its highly encrypted communication and web pages that come and go within seconds. It’s become increasingly difficult to track and monitor criminals, as they discover and develop new ways to hide their online activity.

Cobwebs’ monitoring feature detects suspicious activity on the dark web, a hub for various types of illegal activity, one of which being human trafficking. There are entire websites dedicated to the cause with detailed how-to instructions included.


Cobwebs’ expert analysts have invested years of research in the dark web, with the ample skills and know-how required to recognize criminal patterns and detect illegal activity. Cobwebs’ solutions provide the ideal tools to monitor the dark web, along with comprehensive education and training for agents to efficiently identify criminal activity. With our system set up to trace and alert users of relevant keywords used by traffickers, analysts can make measurable progress with investigations.

Upon receiving alerts related to human trafficking activity, agency analysts responded with immediate action using the solution’s dark web virtual agents. The infusion of HUMINT into such operations helps prevent the crime from occurring, while agents remain entirely anonymous without risking their identity.

Cobwebs’ solutions help agencies find and track criminals online, scanning all layers of the web – even the darkest ones. Our technology supports agency’s operational activities and complex investigations, as analysts engage on the dark web with full anonymity, simplifying their navigation in this eerie realm of the internet. Using Cobwebs’ dark web capabilities, analysts can collect and assess data while attaining intelligent insights from our AI- powered platform.

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