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Digital Risk Protection Platform

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes close to marking a year, the number of cyberattacks targeting the private sector, healthcare systems, and others, continues to rise. And that has raised key cybersecurity considerations about how to disrupt cyber threats.


Threat actors have been exploiting the vulnerabilities of companies whose existing infrastructure has been overwhelmed after spreading resources as employees have been operating remotely and companies are reducing budgets in an attempt to save costs to reduce as much financial damage as possible from the pandemic and its economic fallout.

Even the most prepared companies with advanced security and control capabilities have never encountered such a crisis before, and cybercriminals know that. But the usual security processes have been bypassed, making it even more challenging for authorities to address and prevent cyber threats.

Hundreds of thousands of phishing emails with
subject lines related to coronavirus claiming to be
from global health authorities have scammed countless individuals and even companies and organizations with high-profiles into providing personal credentials or payment details or to open malicious attachments.

With the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences expected to remain for the near future, tools such as Cobwebs’ Digital Risk Protection (DRP) must be used to identify and mitigate attacks.

Designed to find and alert users of suspicious activity or potential threats, the DRP uses advanced and automated technology that detects and thwarts potential threats to organizations.

The deep and dark web serve as central gathering places for cyber criminal to exchange information and plan attacks. One company was targeted by hackers who were intent on stealing critical data and sensitive information. With employees working from home, hackers had identified vulnerabilities and aimed to compromise the company.

But with advanced automated tools provided by Cobwebs DRP solution, an analyst was able to identify the digital footprints of the threat actors behind the attacks targeting the company in a non-intrusive way, allowing the analyst to get to the source.

The powerful artificial-intelligence based solution had been detecting and prioritizing the deep and dark web for attacks being planned using similar methods and the analyst had been provided with real-time notifications regarding malicious chatter and attacks related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the company.

It analyzed the potential threats that had been detected and was able to remove the malicious content from the platform, mitigating similar attacks against the company.

Cobwebs provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to cope with attacks stemming from malicious actors taking advantage of the uncertainties and vulnerabilities brought to the forefront during this global health pandemic. Our tools not only provide critical insights from countless data sources within moments but they identify, understand, and preemptively mitigate attacks before they cause any damage.

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