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Generate Threat Intelligence from the Dark Web Using OSINT

A wide range of threats originating in all corners of the world pose crucial security concerns to many organizations and corporations, including credential leaks, database hacking, and phishing attacks. Whether found as individuals or organized groups, these threats’ communicate through various methods that are challenging to track. As technology advances, criminals’ communication methods evolve, and dark web intelligence techniques must keep up.


The dark web is a platform where extreme crime of the highest degree occurs. Surfing the dark web, visitors can fall upon content ranging from ISIS execution videos, to child groomers, extremists, prostitutes, pedophiles, human traffickers, assassins for hire and snuff movies. The dark web serves as a gathering place for criminals to exchange information and help one another.

Housing forums and blogs in which professional hackers collaborate, the dark web is used by criminals to bounce hacking methods off of one another and share trade info. Hackers chat about corporate vulnerabilities, even demonstrating exploitation methods. Data leaks and other sensitive information may be exposed on dark websites to leverage hackers’ reach and activity.

Agency analysts find these forums with the objective to protect organizations from potential attacks, assessing data types that have been compromised. These investigations involve constant monitoring of forums and blogs, focusing on corporate keywords of interest.


Cobwebs’ dark web threat intelligence platform provides advanced dark web monitoring tools to prevent cyber threats and get ahead of hackers.

Cobwebs’ team of WEBINT experts boast decades of experience and collaborative efforts with security agencies, generating critical intelligence to maintain national security with visibility of external threats. Designed to find and alert users of suspicious activity or potential threats, our technology’s advanced artificial technology recognizes patterns in data and social groups, highlighting potential threats to organizations and corporations in real time. With the evolution of customer needs comes the evolution and adaptation of our solutions to tackle global threats. We consistently stay up to speed with the latest and newest web sources for criminal collaboration and activity.

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