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Integrate Preventive Intelligence
to Ensure Digital Risk Protection

Global corporations must deal with unanticipated disruptions to their business continuity which emanate from a multitude of unforeseen and undetected threats. Critical infrastructure, supply chains, traveling employees, high-profile business events, intellectual property, and more can be targeted by threat actors acting on a variety of motivations. Corporations can also fall victim to natural disasters, local disruptions and other emergencies, impacting operations and creating risk. Integrating preventative intelligence into a digital risk protection strategy is critical for corporate security teams.

Preemptive Threat Detection

Identify and analyze specific threats, uncover their related networks, locations, and gauge their veracity to take action.


Reputation Analysis

Analyze sentiments regarding your company, operations, and key executives according to topic, location, and demographic and take preventative measures accordingly.

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Situational Awareness for Crisis Management

Collect data in real time on disruptions from national emergencies, natural disasters, and other disruptions in areas of your business.

Digital Risk Protection Key Features

Cobwebs AI-powered digital risk protection platform provides cyber intelligence and cyber assets protection, enabling users to detect, analyze, and monitor threats and risks from all levels of the web in real-time. To ensure digital risk protection, users can then take preemptive measures accordingly based on alerts. Security Operations Centers (SOCs), close protection teams, and local security details can now gain full awareness of threats specifically targeting crucial locations, business-relevant topics, assets and personnel.

Asset Tracking

Configuration of various digital assets to track.


Asset Identification

Identification of critical assets associated with the organization.


Big Data Coverage

Big data coverage of all web layers.


History Tracking and Analysis

Tracking historical digital presence and connections.


Enhanced Visualization

Enhanced visualization of threats and digital risks.

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Real-Time Alerts

Automated real time alerts mechanism.

Digital Risk Protection Use Cases

Cobwebs solutions analyze relevant real-time data regarding critical infrastructure threats, extracts insights and utilizes them to construct optimal responses to potential malware and ransomware attacks. Real-time use of this data can lead to improved response times and removal of the impending threats.

Using AI-powered web intelligence helps protect the supply chain from exposure to cybersecurity threats, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and hacking. Detecting these threats in real-time minimizes disruption through the supply chain.

Digital risk protection ensure threats to high profile events are detected and mitigated before harm can come to people, assets, or property.

Corporations need a solution to search and identify stolen intellectual property on the dark web. Using smart algorithms such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to detect and then locate stolen IP up for sale on a dark web and other online marketplaces.

Digital Risk Protection Resources

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Digital Risk Protection for Global Corporate Security

Global threats can pose critical security threats to multinational companies and those who send their employees to locations at risk of terror attacks or natural disasters. And when disaster strikes, maintaining clear lines of communication with the assets is critical.


Digital Risk Protection Platform

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes close to marking a year, the number of cyberattacks targeting the private sector, healthcare systems, and others, continues to rise. And that has raised key cybersecurity considerations about how to disrupt cyber threats.


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure become a more and more attractive target for a wide range of threats. Deploy Cobwebs platform to prevent threats and ensure that your assets remain operational, reliable, and risk free.

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