Operational Security for Comprehensive Investigations

Analysts and investigators are facing numerous challenges when conducting their web investigations. Firstly, they need to extract, process and analyze vast amounts of unstructured web data to get the critical insights they need. They also need to browse securely and anonymously for collecting relevant web data leaving minimal digital footprints behind that might alert unnecessary adversaries.

Last but not least, they also need to organize the findings for follow-up, which is a tedious and time-consuming process. In other words, they need to operate in a secure environment while conducting their investigations in a compliant and efficient way.

Read the e-book to learn about:

  • Setting your operational environment
  • The virtual humint operation
  • Minimizing digital footprints
  • Dark web access
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Compliant evidence
  • Leveraging your investigation with AI
  • End-to-end web investigation
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