The Intelligence Graph; Visualizing Data and Networks

Analysts working for law enforcement, national security, financial institutions, and other organizations active in cybersecurity and fraud detection must process huge amounts of data to detect patterns and uncover hidden threats. To get such useful insight in a quick and accurate way, visual link analysis (also referred to as network or graph visualization), is often used. It consists of the visual presentation of networks containing the various connected entities represented as nodes and links. The graph consists of a model of data that features connections (called links or edges) between entities (called nodes or vertices), and properties.

Read the e-book to learn about:

  • Data visualization
  • Graph visualization use cases
  • Visualization of groups and networks
  • The use of centrality measures
  • Graph layouts for clear insights
  • Temporal graph analysis
  • Why Link analysis is an essential tool
  • Big data analysis in one click
  • Cobwebs intelligence graphs
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