Financial Crime and Bank Fraud

Financial Crime in US Banks

Financial fraud and money laundering cost the US banking sector an estimated $1.4 to 3.5 trillion annually, significantly impacting their capacity to support new, legitimate businesses. The worst part is financial criminals can bypass traditional screening measures by using new, sophisticated technologies to cover their fraudulent tracks.

Cobwebs Technologies effectively solves banks’ financial fraud and identity theft crises. Our state-of-the-art AI-powered platform helps banking operations eliminate network vulnerabilities, support compliance efforts, and deliver insights on potential risks before they fully develop.

How Does Cobwebs Help Solve FinCrime?

Our Web Intelligence Solution is a multilayered, single-interface platform that allows analysts to identify threats from all corners of the web. It monitors for potential cyber-attacks, disruptions to business continuity, and harmful strategies to provide real-time insights for action or remediation.

Cobwebs Global Financial Solutions

We provide several product solutions to help protect banks from money laundering, fraud, and financial crime. 

Anti-Money Laundering

Our anti-money laundering solutions offer access to law enforcement-grade web intelligence tools that aid in applying due diligence in risk investigations across every aspect of business.

Obtain relevant data from across the web and automatically uncover dangerous networks. The data collected also helps generate risk patterns and insights relevant to banking clients. The key features and benefits of our anti-money laundering solutions are listed below:

Key Features

  • Automated real-time alerts on financial threats
  • Reputation and sentiment insights
  • Uncover and analyze crime networks in real-time using artificial intelligence


  • Conduct Deep Risk Examinations. Our artificial intelligence instantly generates quality insights using accurate data, encrypted databases, and sentiment analysis from the web and multi-language media sources.
  • Safe Partnerships. Operating a financial institution in a global space attracts online risks and fraudulent schemes. Regardless of geographic operations, our OSINT platform makes it easier to identify malicious activities, reputational problems, or connections with threat actors across the digital ecosystem.
  • Real-Time Automated Alerts. Set predefined triggers relating to money laundering activities and feel safe knowing there is computerized supervision. Get automated alerts when threat actors try to compromise networks.

Financial Fraud Investigations

Our Fraud Investigative Solutions gives confidence to accept new customers. It automates online analysis to detect threat actors.

Our AI-powered financial fraud tools provide information on potential vulnerabilities from dark forums, networks, and other channels, allowing detection of risky transactions from criminal networks while keeping business and customers safe.

  • Provide a faster, more efficient business experience for customers
  • Simultaneously check client-provided data against verified data sources
  • Automatically extract and verify data from customer provided images and documents
  • Conduct due diligence within compliance guidelines and report on financial threats
  • Automatically receive real-time alerts about financial crimes and fraud

Additional Benefits:

  • Verify customer identities with ease. Our system enables checks on customer application data and verify it against various data sources. This process helps determine precise behavioral anomalies and risks that could reveal identity theft and schemes.
  • Monitor the Darknet. With our law enforcement-grade tools, monitor a specific darknet for any anomalies. Easily identify data leaks, vulnerable bank services, scam customer identity details, or other risks.
  • Reduce Onboarding Time. Our system allows automatic collection of KYC data on credit card and loan applicants across the web.

FinCrime Threat Intelligence Tools

Our AI-powered FinCrime Intelligence Platform provides a deeper analysis of the darknet. Track money fraud and scams across marketplaces, media, and other channels trafficking speculative data. Here are the key features and benefits of our FinCrime threat intelligence tools:


  • Collect accurate threat data from the surface, deep, and dark web.
  • Analyze AI-generated insights from rich data extraction.
  • Automatically analyze images and patterns to identify data anomalies.
  • Virtual agent management allows for safer and anonymous financial crime investigations


  • Map Risky Networks. Trace threat actors, create investigative leads, and deliver instant alerts on new threats.
  • Monitor Darknet Threats. Our FinCrime Intelligence Tool indicates leaked data across many secret marketplaces, forums, and other media to identify and stop financial fraud.
  • Safe and Anonymous Financial Crime Investigation. Our financial crime detection tool monitors threat actors anonymously with minimal risks.
  • Vulnerability Identification. Collect and analyze activity on the web regarding compromised data and vulnerable services, and combat financial crime before it occurs.
  • Identify Threat Actors. FinCrime threat intelligence tools help identify and address threat actors and fraudsters.
  • Proactive Financial Crime Mitigation. Discover data breaches and devise a suitable plan to notify affected clients and protect victim assets

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