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Financial Crime
Capabilities & Key Features

Cobwebs’ automated web investigation platform provides a holistic solution for analysts and investigators tasked by companies, financial institutions or governments to detect and stop fraudulent activity online. Using artificial intelligence, investigative professionals can automatically analyze online data for behavioral anomalies, and detect the sale of personally identifiable information (PII), synthetic identities and fraud kits. 

Using this web intelligence can help investigative and analytical professional to detect fraud before it occurs, or to investigate cases of fraud after it is reported to companies and law enforcement agencies.

Verify Identities

Check customer application data against numerous data sources to determine correct corresponding traits and behavioral anomalies that could indicate synthetic or fake identities

Map Fraud Networks

Collect information and draw connections with other offenders using artificial intelligence

Monitor the Darknet

Conduct targeted monitoring for compromised customer identity details, vulnerable bank services, data leaks, or other fraud threats

Cryptocurrency Analysis

Take informed decisions on transactions sourced from ICO profits and other cryptocurrency activities.

Financial Crime Use Cases

Understand who is interacting with your business, financial institution or government agency to ensure
it is a real person as opposed to a synthetic identity.

Analyze cryptocurrency activity beyond the blockchain to see the people and entities sharing wallets to
fund potentially fraudulent activity.

Fully understand the entity your financial institution is doing business with by using web intelligence to
conduct deep due diligence. This analysis will bring to light any hidden fraud risk by scanning and
analyzing activity across all layers of the surface, deep and dark web.

Using AI-powered web intelligence, trace and analyze potential online fraudulent activity related to
terrorism financing that could impact a financial institution or corporation.

Uncover potential networks of threat actors working in concert to sell stolen PII, synthetic identities and
fraud kits on the deep and dark web.

Monitor the deep and dark for the sale of breached data for usage in fraud and other nefarious

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Financial Crime Resources


Anti-Money Laundering

A 200-year old bank with branches in several countries was struggling with its fight against money laundering and terror financing by its (potential) clients. The bank simply could not afford its pristine reputation to be damaged by any breaches of the various KYC regulations.


Combatting Government Fraud Using Open Source Intelligence

Government agency security practices and protocols are not optimized to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Furthermore, fraud techniques constantly evolve, as do the tools used by individuals and organized crime networks.


Exposing Criminal Networks

Cobwebs Technologies brings extensive years of vast experience in the global intelligence market. The company team is comprised of an experienced group of individuals from military and intelligence agencies, along with high-tech expertise.

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