Financial Investigation

Automate Your
Due Diligence

Our powerful, easy to use platform enables you to weave the web of your business opportunities and risks with AI-delivered intelligent insights on AML, Fraud, and Cyber threats, and enable a safer, more efficient due diligence and risk analysis.


Financial professionals are wasting valuable time on strenuous, manual research processes which often times fail to provide a holistic risk picture of business opportunities. Our platform not only saves crucial resources by automating these research processes, but delivers enhanced results which ultimately protect financial institutions from numerous hidden risks among their clients’ networks.


Our Financial Intelligence Platform operates like a financial investigator, searching and analyzing critical data on potentially risky entities that may pose damage to your organization, assets or community.

Financial Investigation Platform

Money Launderers, criminals, and fraudsters know how to evade traditional screening measures. Cobwebs Technologies platform alerts on criminals at the gates with our powerful Web Intelligence technology, while creating a faster, more efficient business experience for the rest of your client base.


Powerful search engine for all KYC/AML/CFT queries

Automated Network Analysis

Conduct UBO discovery, identify frauds/money mule threats, and other network risks

AI-Driven Insights

Gauge reputation risk and and conduct due diligence powered by AI

Discover Hidden Information

Instant mapping of data points for source of wealth investigation

Share Knowledge

Coordinate work across teams using reporting and exporting tools

Real-Time Insights

Understand your global risks, and identify potential threats to your assets

Reveal Connections

Safe, anonymous workflow and compliant sources

Winning Technology

Security experts and financial professionals rely on our exclusive technology to drive complex investigations and decisions based on precision data.

Key Features

Discover Information

Simultaneously gather precise data on third party risks from the surface, deep, and dark web

Risk Insights

Analyze reputation, damage assessment, supply chain impact

Reveal Connections

Instantly uncover and analyze networks using artificial intelligence

Due Diligence

Automate and expedite your due diligence process

Map-Out Risks

Understand your global risks, and identify potential threats to your assets

Real-Time Alerts

Define various inputs to trigger automated real-time alerts

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness.

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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