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Integrate Digital Intelligence into Security Agencies

Vast amounts of web data add an extra layer of complexity to the tracking and analysis of global threats. Analysts need advanced digital intelligence tools to gain insights from vast amounts of disparate data across all layers of the world wide web. By integrating digital intelligence into operations, security agencies can anticipate and mitigate global threats, enhancing national security.


Protect National Security

Integrate real-time digital intelligence to enhance your security posture against national and global threats.


Reveal Global Threats

Monitor the surface, deep, and dark web
to protect and defend against cyber and
physical threats.

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Maintain Situational Awareness

Protect personnel and assets involved in national security operations using web intelligence on potential threats.

Digital Intelligence
Capabilities & Key Features

Cobwebs’ extensive experience and collaboration with security agencies generate vital intelligence, helping enforce national security while maintaining visibility of external threats. Designed to discover and alert users of lone wolves or group threats, our digital intelligence tools conduct deep analysis to understand threat hierarchies, structures, and motives.

With artificial intelligence at its core, Cobwebs’ platform recognizes patterns in web data, identifying potential national security threats in real-time.


Virtual Fences

The platform is programmed with monitoring criteria such as ‘virtual fences’ that delineates relevant areas and keywords associated with a threat or event.


Real-Time Alerts

The platform monitors and generates alerts to handle the multitude of requests asking for urgent assistance based on web data in the disaster area.



The geolocation discovery modules allow for easy extraction of web content from geographically defined location- based radiuses, via GPS-derived posts, photos, videos, statuses, and more.


Predictive Insights

Statistical calculations with learned models offering predictive insights for quick and efficient intervention.


Situational Awareness

Instant analysis and reporting to assess the situation of those affected by conflict, threat or natural disaster.


Reveal Connections

Use centrality measures to evaluate the strength of connections, along with influencing nodes to identify communities and gain critical operational insights.

Digital Intelligence Use Cases

Cobwebs Cyber Threat Intelligence platform identifies threats before they occur, observing attackers, their plans, and methodologies to  generate real-time actionable insights to protect corporations.

Using AI-powered web intelligence helps governments protect communities and assets from threats to safety and security.

Integrate automated open source intelligence into national security operations for a 360 degree view of online activity related to acts of potential terrorism and aggression against sovereign nations.

Digital Intelligence Resources

Terrorism in Central America

Content generated on the web expands on a daily basis. Social networks, forums, blogs, and news sites are the source of data and information for everything that takes place in the virtual world.

Web Forensics for Tackling Terrorism Investigations

With our decades of experience, Cobwebs’ exposure and termination of growing terror and several core threats has been substantial and persists to date.

Enhance Your Intelligence, National Security and Law Enforcement Operations

Cobwebs Technologies’ AI-Powered Web Intelligence platform makes your web investigations agile, accurate, and simple.

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