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Detect Threats to the Environment and Natural Resources

Communities, nations and organizations around the globe are facing various environmental crimes and threats to natural resources.
Environmental protection helps our world safeguard natural resources from illicit and inhumane activities. Because of these threats, there are growing requirements for comprehensive digital intelligence solutions that protect and support those tasked with defending and protecting the environment from harm. Web intelligence is one key component needed when defending the environment.


Protect the Environment by Identifying Illicit Activity

Analyze data from across all layers of the world wide web to identify threats to the environment including illicit activity causing harm.


Investigate Violations to Environmental Protection Laws

Use open source intelligence to investigate violations to environmental protection laws. Identify threat actors involved in nefarious activity involving the environment.


Develop Intelligence to Mitigate Threats to the Environment

Analyze online activity to identify and mitigate threats to the environment.

Environmental Protection Capabilities & Key Features

Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in web Intelligence, providing governments with an AI-powered platform to assist in preventing illegal environmental activities, including trade, poaching, smuggling and trafficking of endangered species. Our open source intelligence solution analyzes big data to gain mission critical insights used to enhance global environmental protect efforts.

Find Hidden Leads

Get complete reports in a matter of minutes on potential environmental crimes.


Gain Situational Awareness

Analyze maps to increase situational awareness and drive action for first responders.


Prevent Illegal Trafficking

Identify and reveal illegal trafficking.


Fight Illicit Trade

Find illegal trade of wildlife, illicit items, and archaeological assets.


Identify Future Risk Areas

Generate heat map activity to understand potential environmental risks.


Get Real-Time Alerts

Get alerts when new and ongoing potential illegal activities take place.

Environmental Protection Use Cases

Integrate automated open-source intelligence into investigations into environmental protection violations to see a complete picture of a crime or offense. Develop viable leads and identify threat actors who poach, trade, smuggle or damage protected species and lands.

Protect natural assets and enhance environmental protection using automated intelligence gathered from the world wide web. Identify threats and activity that negatively impact the environment.

Using an open-source intelligence platform, quickly analyze and disseminate intelligence collected during and event that is damaging to the environment and natural resources.

Environmental Protection Resources


OSINT For a Safer World

Cobwebs’ mission is to protect global communities and organizations by providing seamless access to publicly available data, harnessing AI for a safer world.


Countering Transnational Organized Crime

AI-Powered digital forensics and online investigation tools can disrupt organized crime activities such as corruption, terrorism, illegal transportation, and cyber fraud.

identidication 100%, verification

How To De-Anonymize Threat Actors Quickly And Efficiently

In any investigation, identifying threat actors, their pattern of behavior, locations and connections is crucial for getting insight into the who, what, where, how and when during investigations.

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