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Government and National Security

Enhance Situational Awareness by Integrating Open Source Intelligence into Operations

Situational awareness can be enhanced by integrating open-source intelligence into your security and emergency management operations. Open source data from the deep web is proving to be a vital online resource for obtaining real-time intelligence, and gaining situational awareness in municipalities. These entities keep a watchful eye on relevant local hot spots year-round, with a global focus on emergencies around the world.


Protect National Security

Utilize open source intelligence gathered from all layers of the world wide web to protect national security.


Reveal Cyber Threats

Monitor the surface, deep, and dark web to protect and defend against cyber and physical threats to the community.

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Maintain Situational Awareness

Protect personnel and assets involved in national security operations using web intelligence on potential threats.

Situational Awareness Capabilities & Key Features

Our AI-powered open-source solution harvests relevant real-time data, sifting through vast online sources to extract critical insights to enhance situation awareness for communities and nations. This intelligence can direct resources appropriately, yielding optimal responses to crises and emergencies.

Our systems constantly evaluate informational sources, following deep web content from a range of pages, to provide users with the most relevant intelligence to enhance overall situational awareness.


Endless Sources

Collect information about threats and
topics from various sources including the
open, deep and dark web.


Source Integration

Integrate various new sources and existing tools to improve results and analytics while sharing the information across platforms.


Simple & Intuitive

An easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard,
and a short & easy product training yield
immediate insights.


Broad Understanding

Defining various fields of interests and feeds streaming different types of data, it is easier to understand the bigger picture.


Share Knowledge

All project-assigned users have access
to the same data and can share their insights
all in one place.


Real-Time Analysis

Access the data in real time to take
preventative measures instead of analyzing
the data in retrospect.

Situational Awareness Use Cases

Integrate automated open-source intelligence into national security operations for a 360 degree view of online activity related to acts of potential terrorism and aggression against sovereign nations.

Protect your personnel and assets by enhancing overall situational awareness using automated intelligence gathered from the world wide web regarding threats and other acts of potential aggression.

Using an open-source intelligence platform, quickly analyze and disseminate intelligence collected during and event to provide situational awareness to first responders.

Situational Awareness Resources


Dismantling an International Human Trafficking Ring Using an AI-powered Platform

Human traffickers will continue to innovate and find new and better ways to avoid detection. Using an AI-powered WEBINT platform is the best way to identify human traffickers in the fight to stamp out and prevent human trafficking.


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure become a more and more attractive target for a wide range of threats. Deploy Cobwebs platform to prevent threats and ensure that your assets remain operational, reliable, and risk free. Read More


Searching The Dark Web For Threat Intelligence

The dark web has become the part of the internet where criminals prefer to conduct their business, from buying and selling stolen merchandise, obtaining resources, such as toolkits for ransomware attacks, and planning criminal acts.

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