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Streamline Criminal Investigations
to Solve Cases Faster

Analysis of criminal intelligence is a vital component of any law enforcement agency, demanding complex investigative efforts tools. Extracting crucial insights from web data can be the force multiplier to solving criminal investigations quickly. But the online search and analysis process can be tedious. Automated web intelligence solutions are needed to reveal and discover the links between threat actors, to identify locations and to generate full analytical reports on the criminal investigation. Cobwebs’ open source intelligence software gives law enforcement agencies that power to solve cases faster and quickly close criminal investigations.


Human Trafficking

Use automated web intelligence to find and identify human traffickers and their victims online to stop further victimization.


Drug Trafficking, Gang
and Organized Crime Investigations

Analyze and investigate large-scale organized crime syndicates using web intelligence to understand connections and activity that leverage the surface, deep and dark web.


Internet &
Cyber Crimes

Gain deep insights into threats made online, and crimes carried out over all layers of the web using automated open source intelligence (OSINT).

Criminal Investigation Capabilities & Key Features

By connecting disparate online pieces of data to show relationships between people, places and assets, Cobwebs AI-powered web intelligence solution enables complex criminal investigations. With our web investigation software, intelligence analysts and investigators can identify connections online leading to case closures and successful prosecutions. Our solution is also used to detect potential criminal activity online, helping law enforcement protect communities from imminent threats to the public.

Resolve Cases Faster

Automatically generate accurate case reports to enable faster lead identification and case closures.


Reveal Physical Threats

Reveal physical and digital threats to an investigation in real-time to ensure safety and security.


Gather Compliant Evidence

Support investigations with the preservation of digital evidence to ensure compliance with chain of custody evidentiary policy.


Connect the Dots

Use our platform’s centrality measures and evaluate the strength of connections.


Secure Online Investigations

Anonymous, safe browsing for the Internet and social applications to collect critical insights to take action in real-time.


Threat Actor Resolution

Delivers real-time alerts regarding the discovery of malicious activities, threat actors and their connections.

Criminal Investigations Use Cases

Cobwebs’ AI-powered web intelligence solution can uncover nefarious online activity related to human trafficking. Our solution can illuminate identities of human traffickers and can help recover victims, freeing them from their captors. Finally, our solution can be used to identify unknown victims online who are being trafficked transnationally.

Cobwebs’ AI-powered web intelligence helps investigators piece together online activity and evidence related to large scale organized crime groups responsible for gang activity, drug trafficking, organized retail theft and other large scale criminal enterprises.

Law enforcement can monitor for, detect and then mitigate threats made online to communities using web intelligence. By analyzing this online activity, law enforcement can stay one step ahead of threats that impact the safety of the community.

Investigators can use insights from web intelligence to investigate cyber crimes involving scams, phishing, spoofing and ransomware. These insights help investigators identify perpetrators and collect digital evidence.

Criminal Investigations Resources


Human Trafficking at Large Sporting Events

Large sporting events bring visitors from around the world and create an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie amongst fans. They also bring threat actors seeking to leverage anonymity for illicit activities.

Identifying Members of Criminal Networks

Criminal networks and terrorist organizations not only remain active, but it becomes harder and harder to identify their members and detect threat patterns for crime prevention.


WEBINT for Gang Investigations

Gangs are known to be highly organized, similar to the way American Mafia families from the 1930s were organized and operated, which makes it hard to identify the various members & their connections.

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