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Ensure Public Safety Through Complete Situational Awareness

Community public safety is challenged by an overload of threats and alerts daily. From photographs of emergencies to posts about crimes in progress, authorities have an abundance of public content about current events pertinent to public safety. The demand for sophisticated solutions generating real-time intelligence to process this data is now critical to the progress of public safety entities worldwide.


Generate Real-Time Alerts and Insights On Potential Threats

Monitor activity across all layers of the web to generate real-time alerts and insights on threats to public safety.



Under the Protect Communities icon, please add this copy: Use intelligence generated from online activity on the surface, deep and dark web to protect communities and ensure national security.


Use Open Source Intelligence
for Situational Awareness

Leverage open source intelligence for situational awareness around events, major incidents and responses to natural disasters.

Public Safety Capabilities & Key Features

Cobwebs’ advanced web intelligence tool aids public safety entities in attaining unmatched situational awareness by incorporating online sources into an all-in-one platform. Our revolutionary search engine scans the web, analyzing its vast data for deep intelligence insights. Users can leverage these insights to enhance public safety efforts in acquiring everything from photos, to videos, to text content online in one platform. Our platform can help public safety organizations’ problem-solving processes to the next level through our search, analysis and monitoring capabilities.

Time Savings

Reduce the time spent on manual searching, analysis and monitoring through automation and alerts.


Unstructured to Structured

Collect mass unstructured open source intelligence and turn it into structured with a click of a button allowing customizable analysis tools.


Reveal Hidden Connections

Uncover hidden networks using automated algorithms to detect potential threats.


Understand Relationships

Map out established infrastructures and networks based on advanced visual link analysis capabilities to better understand and construct a relationships map based of type, strength, and essence.


Minimizing Time Spent Searching Online for Critical Information

Reduce the time spent searching for online content across multiple platforms and web layers.


Expose Off-the-Grid Threat Actors

Discover new threat actors who may be difficult to trace as they hide their malicious activities.

Public Safety Use Cases

Cobwebs’ AI-powered web intelligence solution protects nations and communities from local and international threats made by bad actors and terrorists. AI-powered web intelligence alerts decision makers to these threats so that they can act quickly to diffuse and mitigate harm to the community.

Investigators can uncover online activity and evidence related to large scale transnational organized crime groups responsible for gang activity, drug trafficking, racketeering, human trafficking other large scale criminal enterprises that impact national security and public safety.

Analysts can use automated web intelligence to uncover terrorism-related activities, financing and recruiting online. Our solution can be used at the federal, state or local level to detect and analyze activity related to terrorist groups and networks.

Intelligence Analysis Resources


Identifying Members of Criminal Networks

Criminal networks and terrorist organizations not only remain active, but it becomes harder and harder to identify their members and detect threat patterns for crime prevention.

Terrorism in Central America

Content generated on the web expands on a daily basis. Social networks, forums, blogs, and news sites are the source of data and information for everything that takes place in the virtual world.


Shooting in Alexandria

Following the Alexandria, Virginia shooting of five republican congress members, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, media outlets incessantly speculated how the shooting could have been predicted and prevented by authorities.

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