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Powered by AWS, Cobwebs Technologies is setting a standard for open-source intelligence (OSINT) and cloud analytics. Open-source searches and analysis on the AWS platform ensures the highest level of cloud security, faster transaction processes, and amplifies our cloud analytics capabilities.

Cobwebs and Microsoft are collaborating to educate public safety and national security organizations about the benefits of adoption and use of intelligence solutions on secure cloud platforms like AZURE. Through this partnership, Cobwebs Technologies can guarantee quick and safe deployment, plus simplified scalability.

Cobwebs Technologies partners with Moody’s Analytics to solve complex regulatory, Know Your Customer (KYC), and compliance challenges by integrating open-source intelligence with business data and information to detect risk and ensure compliance.

Through our partnership with Magnet Forensics, investigators now have a complete view of a criminal event, marry digital forensic evidence with web intelligence research. This partnership provides investigators with a more comprehensive and complete investigation process, to help close cases faster.

By combining Cobwebs Technologies’ open-source intelligence (OSINT) platform with Whooster’s leading investigative data solutions, law enforcement, corporate security, government agencies, and financial institutions can leverage public and private data sources to deliver real-time, reliable, actionable information.  This partnership empowers investigators and analysts to collect crucial information and exchange insights that establish connections, ultimately resulting in risk and fraud mitigation, the safety of essential infrastructure, and the acceleration of criminal investigations.

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