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A Partnership for Progress: AI-Driven Web Intelligence from Cobwebs Meets Microsoft

March 28, 2019

A Partnership for Progress: AI-Driven Web Intelligence from Cobwebs Meets Microsoft

Some partnerships mean much more than the here and now – they help the future of public safety and order worldwide.


The History: Cobwebs Technologies & Microsoft Establish Their Collaboration

Just a couple of years ago, the paths of two tech leaders in their niche fields crossed: Cobwebs Technologies Ltd. and Microsoft joined forces as official partners in 2017. The worth of genuinely valuable partnerships in any business often extends far beyond revenue and growth. What delivers measurable value to Cobwebs in partnering with Microsoft is the tech giant’s leadership in developing and supporting cloud solutions, and without question its credibility in today’s vastly competitive software and cloud technology market.  Partnered by Cobwebs’ powerful, agile and AI-driven web intelligence solution, Microsoft’s expertise in cloud technology allows innovators in web intelligence like Cobwebs to guarantee quick and safe deployment, plus simplified scalability.

Cloud Technology Meets Invaluable Data: The Partnership’s Added Value to the Market

With cloud technology sweeping the market by storm for over a decade, its inception into the tech sector has been dated back to 2006, but its popularity and adoption is still skyrocketing. Today, just 13 years later, the demand for organized information and data that can drive action, progress and change for good is also spreading like wildfire across multiple sectors – from law enforcement, to national security, and private organizations, to corporations and financial institutions. This is precisely where Cobwebs and Microsoft’s paths cross.

Big Data and the intelligent insights that analyzed data offers to multiple industries and verticals can be the central factor for driving optimal results and success within organizations and companies. With Cobwebs’ expertise in generating precious insights from endless sources of web and mobile app activity for national security and law enforcement organizations, who better to partner with than a cloud tech leader like Microsoft? Together, their partnership creates positive transformations in public safety and national security organizations.

How It Works: Driving Change for Good – The Mission & Achievements of the Partnership

Cobwebs and Microsoft are collaborating to educate public safety and national security organizations about the benefits of adoption and use of intelligence solutions on secure cloud platforms like AZURE. Their track-record of successfully helping these organizations reach greater operational productivity and progress has made the Cobwebs and Microsoft partnership longstanding and going strong. A range of institutions in national security, public safety and law enforcement have shared positive feedback and their success stories with the two partners, as Cobwebs and Microsoft continue to gain recognition for their work.

The future holds much promise in Cobwebs’ and Microsoft’s mission to help law enforcement and national security agencies deliver a new level of public safety. With a blend of smart technologies, AI-powered web intelligence, and robust cloud technology, Cobwebs and Microsoft deliver innovation to law enforcement, public safety and national security organizations – safer, smarter and helping institutions leverage public order and security with technology like never before.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from Cobwebs’ partnership with cloud tech leader Microsoft, contact us.


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