Emergency Response

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Natural disasters pose significant challenges to governments, as common communication lines often experience overload or disruption, hampering emergency response efforts. However, massive amounts of web data are available and easily accessible, waiting to be used. The evolution of information sharing have become critical elements of emergency awareness and effective response. People often use social networks to alert the public of crises and events in emergency situations, reporting location(s) and other relevant data. Proper use of this web data from vigilant monitoring and identification of location-based crises in various regions can benefit the resolution of natural disaster emergencies.


Cobwebs Technologies’ WEBINT Platform conducts automated and constant collection and analysis of thousands of data and posts associated with a specific natural disaster. Powered by AI and machine-learning algorithms, the platform monitors criteria such as ‘virtual fences’ that delineate relevant locations and keywords associated with that disaster. The platform monitors and generates alerts to handle the multitude of requests asking for urgent assistance based on web data publishes by victims in the disaster area. The use of such a real-time online monitoring system significantly improves the efficiency of assistance provided to the impacted population.


Virtual Fences

The platform is programmed with monitoring criteria such as ‘virtual fences’ that delineates relevant areas and keywords associated with that disaster.

Real-Time Alerts

The platform monitors and generates alerts to handle the multitude of requests asking for urgent assistance based on web data in the disaster area.


The geolocation discovery modules allow for easy extraction of web content from geographically defined location-based radiuses, via GPS-derived posts, photos, videos, statuses, and more.

Predictive Insights

The AI algorithms conduct statistical calculations with learned models offering predictive insights for quick and efficient intervention.

Situational Awareness

Instant analysis and reporting to assess the situation of those affected by the natural disaster

Reveal Connections

Use our platform’s centrality measures and evaluate the strength of connections, along with influencing nodes to identify communities and gain critical operational insights.

Use Cases

Emergency Response

Disaster Risk Reduction

Crisis Impact Assessment

Conflict Preparedness & Response

Key Features

Visual Link Analysis

Visualize emergency information and find a relation between geographical relocations, topics and trends.

Geofencing And Alerts

Easily extract content from geographically defined areas

Real-Time Analysis

AI tools enable targeted, precious data collection and processing, according to the impacted area and relevant live crowdsourced reporting.

Predictive Monitoring

Leading AI algorithms conduct statistical calculations with learned models, offering predictive insights, like deviations in activities, changes in sentiment and other unconventional anomalies.

Situational Awareness

Gain critical insights in real-time from various inputs: keywords, pages, websites, geofences.

Sentiment Analysis

Our AI technology scans public content and automatically analyzes opinions online and scores them positive, negative or neutral.

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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