Intelligence Analysis

Stay Ahead of Threats and Gain Real-time Intelligence and Security


With online criminal activity rapidly rising and often escalating into sometimes deadly offline crime, law enforcement agencies are adapting new and advanced cyber threat monitoring technologies to stay ahead and protect their communities. With many victims of cybercrime ill-prepared to deal with its aftermath, there is a need for authorities to take a more proactive approach to crime prevention.


Law enforcement agencies have begun to use cyber threat monitoring services in order to identify potential threats, using both readily available public data. Data-driven media monitoring services can provide critical insights to authorities to monitor, track and analyze online activity on all levels of the internet, including the deep and dark web in order to discover new data sources and leads to optimize their investigations.


Gain Situational Awareness

Immerse yourself in torrents of relevant data extracted from all layers of the web, and amplify your intelligence & security

Real-time Value

Don’t investigate the crime after it took place, take preventative action with real-time monitoring and alerts

Detect Threat Actors Activity

Analyze which social networks, blogs, forums or platforms the threat actor is active on

Share Knowledge

Cooperate between team members, department and agencies using either the system or exporting tools

Big Data Processing

Make sense out of big data using advanced technology with the appropriate analytics tools to visualize the relevant data

Defining Interest Categories

Determine the relevant topics to stay on top of whether its locations, hashtags or individuals and customize alerts to keep up with recent activity

Use Cases

Online Threats

Large-scale Events Analysis

Preventive Policing

Media Monitoring

Key Features

Customizable Alerts

Define personalized alerts to be triggered when threat actors are active on different web sources

Real-Time Extraction

Collect data from various web sources in real time for accuracy and prevention of upcoming threats

Dark Web Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and indesxing of the dark web allowing structured monitoring of people and keywords for dark web forums and marketplaces


Gain accurate information about threat actors in a specific geofence in real time for example during a demonstration or high profile event

Big Data Processing

Keep up with the most spoken about hashtags in a specific location to maintain full situational awareness

Keyword Monitoring

Define keywords and hashtags to always stay alert and notified when new information is mentioned about your topics of interests

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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