Situational Awareness

Stay Alert Of Crises In Real-time to Improve Reactiveness & Security


Open source data from the deep web is proving to be a vital supply resource for attaining informative intelligence, and gaining situational awareness in municipalities and emergency management domains. These entities keep a watchful eye on relevant local hot spots year round, with a birds-eye, global vision of emergencies around the world.


Our solutions harvest relevant real-time data, sifting through vast sources to extract critical insights that can yield optimal responses to crises and emergencies. Our systems constantly evaluate information sources, following deep web content from a range of pages, geographically representational of search results in accessing real-time feeds of multiple platforms.


Endless Sources

Collect information about threats and topics from various sources including the open, deep and dark web

Sources Integration

Integrate various new sources and existing tools to improve results and analytics while sharing the information across platforms

Simple & Intuitive

An easy-to-use intuitive dashboard, and a short & easy product training yield immediate insights

Broad Understanding

Defining various fields of interests and feeds streaming different types of data, it is easier to understand the bigger picture

Share Knowledge

All project-assigned users have access to the the same data and can share their insights all in one place

Real-Time Analysis

Access the data in real time to take preventative measures instead of analyzing the data in retrospect

Use Cases

Organized Crime



Asset Protection

Cyber Threats

Key Features

Vast Web Coverage

Seamless integration of sources from the open, deep and dark web

High Volume Processing

Continuous processing of mass amounts of data for immediate decision making insights

Personalized Alerts

Define customized alerts to be triggered when threat actors are active on different web sources

Dark Web Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and indexing of the dark web allowing structured monitoring of people and keywords for dark web forums and marketplaces

Share Knowledge

Collect data from various web sources in real time for accuracy and prevention of upcoming threats

Physical Threats Identification

Gain accurate information about threats in a specific area in real time

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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