Public Security

Maintain Complete Situational Awareness and Take Preventative Action


Public security entities are challenged by an overload of threats and alerts daily. From photographs of emergencies to posts about crime in progress, authorities have a treasure trove of public content about current events pertinent to public security. The demand for sophisticated solutions generating real-time intelligence to process this data is now critical to the progress of public security entities worldwide.


Cobwebs’ advanced web intelligence tool aids public security entities in attaining unmatched situational awareness by incorporating endless sources into an all-in-one platform. Our revolutionary search engine scans the web, analyzing its vast data for deep intelligence insights. Leverage and enforce public security in acquiring everything from photos, to videos, to text content, and take organizational problem-solving processes to the next level with every click.


Time is of the Essence

Save time by performing automated investigation in minutes rather than manually over weeks

Unstructured to Structured

Collect mass unstructured open source intelligence and turn it into structured with a click of a button allowing customizable analysis tools

Reveal Hidden Connections

Uncover hidden networks using automated algorithms

AI-Powered Insights

Using NLP, understand topics and entities based on various criteria with a click of a button instead of reading through masses of content

Understand Relationships

Map out established infrastructures and networks based on advanced visual link analysis capabilities to better understand and construct a relationships map based of type, strength and essence

Expose Off-the-Grid Threat Actors

Discover new threat actors who may be difficult to trace as they hide their malicious activities

Use Cases

Crime Investigation

Gangs Investigations

Drug Trafficking

Internet Crimes

Human Trafficking

Cyber Crime

Key Features

Any Lead is a Good Lead

Search fo any lead such as a phone number, email address, name, hashtag and much more to begin your investigation with immediate results from all across the web

Identify Connections

The visual link analysis provides a toolbox of investigation worthy configurations to customize the graph to get the most relevant insights for your needs

Natural Language Processing

Automatically recognize keywords of interest including street names for drugs, terror-related terminology and more

Internal Communication

Share information with teammates or external department using secured internal messaging or sharing of project work across users

Understand Relationships

Export your findings to CSV files, Word docs or PDFs with a click of a button to drive decision-making processes

Face Recognition

Recognizes the face of known threat actors in all system activity and get notified when the threat actor’s face appears in new data

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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