Anti-Money Laundering

Detect and Prevent Money Laundering
with Advanced Digital Footprint Analysis

Financial institutions are prime targets and sources of money laundering and terror financing and are under constant scrutiny to ensure transparency and prevent illegal activities. Failure to comply with laws and regulations, and failure to prevent laundering can incur massive financial penalties, personal liability of senior management, unshakable reputational damage, and even national security risks in the event of a governmental organization or financial organization with sensitive government data is compromised.

Analysts need automated AI-powered technology with machine-learning capabilities for big data analysis in order to
effectively ensure money laundering prevention.


AI enables agile Anti-Money Laundering (AML) investigations

Effective identification and prevention of money laundering require in-depth background checks of clients, employees, and partners, effective ownership identification, source of wealth discovery, enhanced and deep due diligence, constant portfolio supervision, ESG standards evaluation, cryptocurrency analysis, asset tracing, dormant account tracing, and M&A due diligence.
This not only entails a team of analysts, investigators, and security experts conducting multiple activities simultaneously, most of the activities rely on in-depth analysis of vast amounts of data on social media, forums, and other communication channels in the open, deep, and dark web.

WEBINT tools to combat ML and Fraud

Cobwebs Technologies develops AI-powered web investigation tools designed for law enforcement and financial institutions. Cobwebs Technologies’ platform enables analysts and security professionals in financial institutions to access risk data from all levels of the web simultaneously, automatically uncover and map hidden networks, and generate data-driven risk insights.
Powered by AI and machine-learning algorithms, Cobwebs Technologies’ platform scans and analyzes vast amounts of data at high speeds, reducing investigations that would otherwise take weeks when done manually to minutes.

In-Depth Due Diligence Intelligence

Effective hiring, partnerships, and client management processes require data-driven decisions based on insights from web intelligence and in-depth investigations. Cobwebs Technologies’ platform enables organizations to conduct background checks into existing employees and candidates filling sensitive roles and detect potentially harmful behavior based on context-based mentions and activity on social media and other communication channels.
Additionally, organizations can execute efficient due-diligence processes to identify harmful activities or reputation damage before signing new deals with partners and clients.

Comprehensive Web Intelligence Platform

Cobwebs Technologies WEBINT platform uses AI-powered and machine-learning algorithms capable of scanning and analyzing big data across the web’s multiple open and hidden layers. The platform enables analysts and investigators in financial institutions to conduct effective AML activities from one centralized platform using built-in tools, features, and capabilities that enable proactive management of crises and vulnerabilities.

Leverage Your Investigations

Effective KYC Processes

Cobwebs Technologies’ platform automatically generates web profiles based on digital footprints for effective and reliable KYC processes. Identify a client’s assets, countries of activity, business sectors, reputation, network of connections, and other relevant sentiments with AI-powered algorithms.

Proactive Intelligence and Management

Cobwebs Technologies WEBINT platform enables organizations to keep track of their portfolio and detect content online that may indicate reputation damage or risks. Additionally, analysts can set specific inputs that trigger automated alerts in real-time to ensure round-the-clock supervision and protection.

Active Cryptocurrency Tracing

Cryptocurrency is often used by criminals to launder and hide the origins of illicit funds due to the anonymity the blockchain enables. Cobwebs Technologies’ WEBINT platform traces and analyzes cryptocurrency activity, providing organizations with critical information pertaining to suspicious ICO transactions.

In-Depth Due Diligence

Organizations use Cobwebs Technologies’ platform to conduct automated enhanced and in-depth due diligence for critical activities such as M&A and partnerships. Precise data compiled from watchlists, encrypted databases, multilingual sources, and content from social networks enable data-driven decisions.

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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