Asset Protection

Preventive Intelligence for
Ongoing Asset Security

Global corporations contend with a multitude of unforeseen and undetected threats that lead to business disruptions. Critical infrastructure, supply chains, traveling employees, events, and intellectual property can be targeted by threat actors or be compromised due to natural disasters, local disruptions, and other emergencies. Companies must be able to protect their assets despite unforeseen events, by detecting and analyzing relevant data throughout the surface, deep, and dark web pertaining to their business.

Analysts must use a technological solution that can scan and analyze big data across the web’s multiple layers in order to
effectively protect organizations’ assets.


Analyzing the Open, Deep, and Dark Web

Analysts must be able to gather and analyze data from multiple resources in multiple layers of the web: surface/open, deep, and dark. This is often done using numerous platforms combined with manual work, leaving room for human error. Without a centralized platform capable of multi-layered big data analysis, companies risk missing critical information concerning a threat to their assets, slow response times, and an incomplete ‘big picture’ from the distributed data sources.

AI-Powered Multi-Layered Intelligence

Cobwebs Technologies’ AI-powered cyber intelligence platform detects and analyzes threats and risks to your assets and operations based on data from the surface, deep, and dark web. Predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms that collect and analyze big data enable SOC engineers and analysts to take preemptive measures based on full awareness of the threat landscape relevant to their assets.
Data Leakage Social Media Deep Web Cybercrime Forums Registry Data Public Records Paste Sites Surface Web Dark Web

Identify and Tracing Critical Assets

Analysts use Cobwebs Technologies’ WEBINT platform to identify critical assets associated with an organization and configure which digital assets they’d like to trace with real-time alerts. AI and machine-learning algorithms enable effective big data coverage of critical information in the open, deep, and dark web, including social media, hidden forums, blogs, and other communications channels.

One Centralized WEBINT Platform

A centralized platform reduces the chances of human error and provides critical information in real-time that companies can use to take preemptive measures against an attack. Data is distributed across thousands of sources in the surface, deep, and dark web, and cannot be efficiently collected and analyzed with siloed solutions.
A centralized platform is critical to significantly mitigate the risk of human error while analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time. Cobwebs Technologies’ centralized platform provides analysts and SOC engineers with a multitude of features and capabilities that enable preemptive action and faster response times.

Key Features

Visualize Your Threat Landscape

Aggregate and analyze data from the open, deep, and dark web pertaining to threats, risks, and incidents related to your organization and assets, for enhanced threat landscape visualization. Identify and analyze threats and their risk levels for preemptive action with location-based threat detection and insights.

Protect Employees

Enhance travel security with data analysis of employee routes, coordinate with security teams on location, and get real-time data into risks in locations of interest. This includes natural emergencies, political unrest, and other events that could potentially compromise the safety of company employees.

Contextual Reputation Analysis

Analyze sentiments concerning your organization in communication channels across all of the web’s layers, including contextual content related to the organization’s operations, executives, and assets. Get in-depth insights and reports with topic, location, and demographic for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Conduct In-Depth Background Checks

Protect your organization from internal threats by conducting anonymous and privacy-complying background checks on key personnel, including employees, partners, and clients with access to critical assets. Gain insights into their digital presence and network of connections to define their security risk.

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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