Dark Web Monitoring

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

The dark web is known for making criminal activities hard to trace. Also, threat actors and crime groups use the dark web to stay almost undetectable. This makes it very hard for organizations to take proactive or reactive action. Since their physical location is hidden, which jurisdiction applies is also unclear. This means that threat actors can easily use the anonymity of the dark web to plan and execute a multitude of criminal acts without being caught. Some of these crimes include: phishing and ransomware attacks, selling leaked and stolen credentials, espionage, extortion, human trafficking, money laundering, buying and selling drugs, and acts of terror.

All kinds of threat actors use the dark web, from terrorists and criminal organizations to lone wolves, hackers, and other threat actors. They use dark web websites, forums, message boards, etc. to plan and carry out their acts or for payments in cryptocurrencies.

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Complete Sources Coverage

To detect and prevent such threats, powerful tools are needed to monitor dark web data. An effective tool should monitor and index hundreds of millions of web pages, online forums, and other online content on the dark web. This will allow investigators and analysts to gain real-time intelligence. They can also estimate the threat level and identify threat actors and networks for taking action. Only a dark web monitoring tool can collect and analyze huge volumes of public dark web data for actionable insights. The automated dark web monitoring tool of Cobwebs monitors, tracks, and analyzes the dark web activities of individuals, groups, and networks that are on the radar to gain real-time intelligence for acting upon and preventing threats to the community.

AI-Powered Dark Web Monitoring

To recognize threat patterns stemming from the dark web, large volumes of big data must be collected and analyzed. This is tedious and time-consuming, which is a major issue in threat prevention. For timely follow-up, dark web monitoring should use artificial intelligence and ML / NLP smart algorithms. The AI-powered dark web monitoring platform of Cobwebs collects and analyzes big data quickly and efficiently for actionable insights.

Geospatial Data Sourcing

To prevent crime, not only the who and how, but also the where. Threat actors use the dark web to plan and execute their illegal activities, while staying hidden. That’s why pinpointing their physical location is crucial for stopping them. The automated Location Intelligence System of Cobwebs analyses data collected from the dark web and combines it with geospatial data points. Interactive layered maps can be used for connecting the digital world with physical data. What makes the system so powerful is its ability to reveal relevant relations between seemingly non-related location-based data points. In other words, the results can be used for detecting patterns, quantifying events, and calculating risk levels for follow-up.

Powerful Technology, Powerful Insights

Gaining Situational Awareness

The WEBINT platform garners, analyzes, and provides insight into the torrents of relevant data extracted from the dark web to enhance intelligence & security.

Defining Real-Time Alerts

Preventing crime and other illicit activities is a high priority for organizations. To stay ahead of threat actors and criminal acts, our WEBINT platform helps them to take preventive action with real-time monitoring and alerts.

Tracing Dark Web Footprints

Our WEBINT platform identifies which dark web networks, blogs, forums, or platforms a threat actor or group is active on, providing crucial insight into the planning of a crime or violent act.

Visualizing Relevant Data

For crime prevention, investigators need to collect and analyze huge amounts of dark web big data to find relevant information. Our WEBINT platform uses advanced technologies to visualize relevant data.

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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