Data Breach Detection

Multi-Layered Web Intelligence
for Data Breach Risk Mitigation

In today’s world, data is a commodity, and as the internet reaches every corner of the world and connected devices increase, the number of data leaks and attacks rise. This is due to the higher incentive of accessing vast amounts of sensitive data as well as the growing number of entry points enabling the lateral movement to critical systems. To an organization, data leaks and breaches can result in major monetary losses, lawsuits, service disruptions and shutdowns, and significant reputational damage.

The amount of data that needs to be collected and analyzed is vast, and it is distributed across thousands
of different sources and channels, and multiple layers of the web.


Scanning and Analyzing the
Threat Landscape Is Critical

In order to protect themselves against data leaks, organizations must be able to map and understand the threat landscape they operate in, and take measures to identify threats, stop attacks, and mitigate security risks. This, however, requires collecting and analyzing data across numerous channels online, particularly in the deep and dark web where e.g., attacks are planned and stolen data are being sold.
The data is simply too distributed and vast for analysts to detect, collect, and analyze on their own, and technological solutions are often siloed, requiring analysts to use multiple solutions at once.

Going beyond siloed solutions

Cobwebs’ Technologies centralized platform provides analysts with a complete web intelligence toolkit for detecting, collecting, and analyzing relevant data on the surface, deep, and dark web. AI and machine-learning algorithms as well as advanced automation capabilities enable the aggregation and analysis of massive streams of data, reducing the chances of human error, missed critical information, and wasted operational resources typical of siloed solutions.

Vast Multilingual Coverage

Gain insights from tracing and analyzing multilingual communication channels and markets in the open, deep, and dark web. Get real-time alerts as new threats emerge for the rapid detection of threats and critical vulnerabilities in the organization’s domain and infrastructures.

Multi-Layered Web Intelligence

Cobwebs’ Technologies provides organizations with advanced AI-powered WEBINT solutions designed for data breach detection across all of the internet’s layers, especially the deep and dark web. Our platform’s machine-learning algorithms aggregate and analyze streams of data, including vital information from discussions on social media channels, hidden forums, and darknet marketplaces where compromised data is often leaked and sold.
Data Leakage Social Media Deep Web Cybercrime Forums Registry Data Public Records Paste Sites Surface Web Dark Web

Key Features

Detect Compromised Data

Uncover communication involving your organization’s data being sold in darknet marketplaces or hidden forums, and discover tools threat actors discuss and share which could be used to compromise your infrastructure.

Track and Mitigate Reputation Damage

Trace mentions of your organization and recent incidents in hidden and open communication channels in every language to gain insights into the scope of existing reputation damage, as well as possible threats to the organization down the line.

Protect from Insider Threats

Identify possible threat actors within the organization or third parties with access to sensitive data who may be leaking or selling data on the deep and dark web. Conduct in-depth background checks into employees and partners as a preventative measure.

Targeted Real-Time Alerts

Get alerted to emerging breaches, leaks, and future threats from contextual content in open and hidden communication channels discussing your organization and data. Build profiles on key threat actors and stay up to date at all times with real-time alerts for faster preemptive action.

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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