Intelligence Investigations

One of the tasks of national security is scanning for national and global threats to prevent mass attacks aimed at governments and nationals. Identifying such threats is complicated by the need to process vast amounts of web data that often contain crucial information for taking timely action. This required getting intelligent insights into these big data streams in real-time without breaching any privacy or data protection laws and regulations. All this requires tools that can process and analyze publicly-accessible data regardless of the natural language quickly and efficiently.


Getting Web Intelligence in Real-Time

In order to discover individual threat actors planning a mass attack (such as a school shooting) or groups planning a terrorist attack, web intelligence tools are needed. An AI-driven WEBINT platform is able to detect and analyze threat hierarchies, structures, and motives by recognizing patterns in web data on the surface, deep and dark web as well as in publicly accessible social platforms, forums, and message boards, identifying potential threats in real-time.

Visual Link Analysis

National security agencies and analysts need to understand connected data in order to access threat levels and to identify and prevent impending threats. The WEBINT platform of Cobwebs allows for advanced visual link analysis to reveal and visualize hidden and connected web data. Platform users can have access to numerous features such as different layouts, centrality measures, grouping, filtering, and clustering, to evaluate the connections.
Apart from the visual link analysis, the platform also provides a map that shows influencing nodes and social communities, harnessing geospatial and time-based analysis.

Natural language Processing

Threat actors communicate and post online in their own natural language when planning their terrorist attacks or acts of mass destruction. The planning often involves actors and locations in several countries, which complicates identifying the exact time, location, and target of these planned threats.
Authorities and government agencies must be able to understand the meaning behind the posts of persons of interest, to perform sentiment analysis to map out these individuals or group members feeling about certain topics. The WEBINT platform of Cobwebs allows the platform users to search for keywords in different languages using sophisticated NLP-algorithms.

Dark Web Monitoring

When planning an act of mass destruction or a terrorist attack, threat actors use the dark web to purchase e.g., weapons and chemicals for bomb-making, and to arrange for facilities and transportation to carry out the threats. Also, payments in cryptocurrency are taking place on the dark web to avoid detection by authorities.
The robust engine of Cobwebs enables continuous monitoring and indexing of the dark web for seamless connectivity to thousands of dark web sources. National security agencies and analysts can search for persons of interest and keywords to analyze and trace suspicious activities and patterns online. The advanced algorithms de-anonymize dark web entities and trace them back to the real world.

WEBINT for Intelligence Investigations:

Enables Web Scanning

The WEBINT platform allows for scanning publicly-accessible web content to collect and analyze information for identifying and preventing terrorist attacks and acts of mass destruction.

Maps international threats

The WEBINT platform automatically compiles relevant data extracted from various types of public sources such as databases and live online sources allowing for actionable insights.

Allows for Identifying Trends

The WEBINT platform traces cross-border activities and channels to detect changes in behaviors or patterns that could indicate an impending threat or attack.

Provides Situational Awareness

The WEBINT platform issues real-time alerts to notify national security agencies and authorities in indicated regions about key threat actors or groups for follow-up.

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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