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Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Beyond the Basics

75 Minutes
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Analysts and investigators need to look beyond blockchain activity when analyzing cryptocurrency uses and activity. Today, crypto wallets and IDs are shared on the dark web to make payments and across online media platforms to accept payments for goods and services. Searching all layers of the world wide web for crypto wallets and IDs is time consuming and often neglects useful intelligence found on the dark web. Using various tools to search for wallet and ID activity is critical to seeing the full spectrum of online activity for that user or wallet.

This webinar will show viewers how threat actors are using cryptocurrency to conceal nefarious payments and activity online. The tools shown will allow users to search and analyze this data across all layers of the web, leading to a unified view of online activity around crypto wallets and IDs. The materials provided will give viewers an idea of how open source intelligence can contribute to investigations involving cryptocurrency wallets and IDs, providing a holistic view of illicit activity online.

Speaker: Stephen Lerner, Senior Intelligence Analyst

Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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