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COVID-19 – Global Automated Epidemiological Investigation – Mapping Australia Incoming Risks

The spread of COVID-19 is the world’s foremost issue. Certain states have succeeded in staving off the spread of the virus and in taking control of rapidly increasing infection and mortality rates. The difference in the spread of the virus in any given state is determined not only by the severity of said state’s reaction to the virus but the nature of its strategy.
Extant strategies of containment are based on human-lead manual methodologies and the imperfect and incomplete nature of the insights that they provide due to both inherent human error and logistic limitations. To that effect, states that have succeeded in mitigating the spread of the virus and thus maintaining a healthy public society and economy have come up with methods of enhancing and expediting their human-based processes, as well as universalizing and integrating these methodologies for usage not only regarding infected individuals but also public order amongst other use cases.

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