The advantages of using an automated web investigation tool are diverse and becoming increasing invaluable in today’s tech-savvy age of crime – on and offline. Cobwebs’ solution is a powerful AI-driven platform that sifts through infinite amounts of data from the web’s various layers and mobile apps, generating intelligent insights that simplify solving investigations, while optimizing their efficiency. We are global leaders in the development and provision of powerful web intelligence solutions.

With unorthodox and jargon queries used to extract data, investigators using Cobweb’s solution can reveal details and develop holistic target profiles. Our solution’s automated web investigation tool identifies social circles and connections of individuals from data sources like social media, blogs, and forums. Investigators using our software gain access to critical insights, making headways to reach key players in active crime with automation. Our solution provides access to key targets, most of whom maintain low profiles, with sparse or difficult to attain contact information.

Web data harvesting has been used by endless industries for years, and today, law enforcement and national security agencies benefit from AI-driven intelligence with its ability to save time, speed up investigational workflows and processes, and help solve cases – faster and smarter. Cobwebs’ users are notified of potentially critical insights in real-time, as smart technology continuously scans all layers of the internet and mobile apps, based on investigational needs.