After being hit by a ransomware attack, Massachusetts city New Bedford faced a payout demand of more than $5 million – one of the largest known ransoms ever.

After a ransomware attack slapped a hefty payout demand of $5.3 million on New Bedford, Mass., the city announced that it is instead opting to pick up the pieces and restore what it can from backups itself.

If the city had opted to pay, the payout would have been the largest known ransom payout for an attack yet.

New Bedford is a city outside of Boston with a population of about 95,072 (making it the sixth-largest city in Massachusetts). The city was first infected on July 5, which it previously blamed on an unspecified virus. But speaking during a Wednesday press conference, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell said that the attack had specifically dropped the infamous Ryuk ransomware, and that attackers had demanded a ransom of $5.3 million in Bitcoin.