When China’s domestically built C919 airplane becomes commercially available sometime in the next few years, many of the components in the plane will be based on designs and intellectual property that were likely copied from other manufacturers around the world.

That assessment from CrowdStrike is based on information pieced together from multiple recent US Department of Justice indictments and from the security vendor’s own tracking of Turbine Panda, a China government-backed cyber espionage group that has been targeting aerospace companies since 2010.

The narrow-body C919 twinjet airliner is China’s first homemade commercial jet and represents part of a broader “Made in China 2025” initiative that is designed to make the country self-reliant in several key industries. The plane completed its maiden voyage in 2017 and is expected to hit the market at about half the cost of competitive products from the Western aerospace duopoly of Boeing and Airbus