A jury in Oakland, California, acquitted one man but could not reach a verdict for the second man on charges related to the deaths of 36 people in a fast-moving 2016 fire that destroyed an Oakland, California, warehouse-turned-residence known as the “Ghost Ship.” The two men were charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Derek Almena, 49, was the master tenant of the warehouse, which had been converted into a space for artists to live and work — and to hold parties. Max Harris, 29, acted like a building manager by collecting rent and settling household disputes, according to prosecutors. The jury found Harris not guilty and was hung on Almena. If they had been convicted, they would have faced 39 years in prison.

As the verdicts were read there were noticeable gasps by the relatives and friends who had gathered in the Alameda Court Superior Courtroom, CBS San Francisco reported.