Location Intelligence System

Harnessing Geospatial Data for Public Safety

With enormous amounts of location-based data in the intricate web eco-system, our customers can benefit from geolocated intelligence in the palm of their hands.

Our cutting-edge location solution automatically reveals and analyzes location-based data using interactive maps.

Challenges of Location Based Intelligence

Nowadays, crucial intelligence is derived from open-source data. Finding and extracting location based intelligence information remains a big challenge, as well as to efficiently generate intelligent insights from oceans of hidden and complex data signals. Connecting open source web data with live and real-world information can complete the intelligence puzzle.


Our geospatial intelligence platform reveals real-world insights about locations, people, and data that are of interest to various organizations. Our unique capabilities empower public protection by automatically analyzing location-based information, and enabling the production and dissemination of intelligence and investigative reports. The product is designed to meticulously race through and scan endless digital channels from the web ecosystem, collecting and analyzing huge sums of location-based data to help you protect precious assets.

Intelligence Platform

Adding to the full suite of holistic Web-Intelligence Platform Cobwebs introduces WebLoc, one of the leading, cutting-edge location intelligence platforms that provide access to vast amounts of location-based data in any specified geographic location.

Benefits of Location Intelligence Platforms

Location-Based Investigation

Analyze data based on locations and from large range of sources to reveal various threats

Intersect Geospatial Data

Use geofences to discover relations between seemingly non-related data points.
Get historical data and use analytic tools to gain insights.

Identify Threats

Automatically generate accurate threat actors profiles and demographics.
Reveal and collect real-time intelligence with non-intrusive methods for expedited investigations.

Add Valuable Data Context

Combine demographic data and open source information using interactive multi-layered map

Gain Location Based Intelligence

Gain situational awareness and make informed decisions without setting foot on the ground

Create Dynamic Reports

Define various location-based filtering inputs to trigger automated real-time reports

Our Technology

Our technology compiles and enriches different types of large datasets of location-based data points, to be used for deep geolocation analysis. The information is then displayed on a simple and map-centric interface which allows users to conduct a map-based and visual investigation, integrated with our industry-leading web intelligence solution. The interactive map allows you to filter and analyze data and gain vital intelligence in a click of a button.

Key Features

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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